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Budget inspection inside the university

My 3.5-year project has already passed a year; there are two and a half more years. This afternoon, there was a budget inspection of the university; two officers from the main office came to our institute, and one officer in our institute and I welcomed them in a room. The two officers asked how I am choosing items to buy and how the officers of the institute are ordering them. Then they came to the lab to check what I had bought. It was not a national inspection, but I was a bit worried and relieved when they told me things seemed OK.

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Mariya’s baby car and baby seat

We bought a baby car for Mariya, which arrived yesterday. It is rainy today, so we used it inside the apartment. Katya was asleep, while I was watching Mariya. Maya-san was sleeping on a legless chair by me. In the evening, we went to Toys”R”Us. Mariya came with us on a baby seat a colleague of mine had given us.  It was Mariya’s first trial of the seat. Mariya accepted the chair. Katya was shopping in Toy”R”Us, and Mariya and I stayed in the car. With a baby chair and a baby seat, our activity areas are now elongated.

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It is getting cooler

The highest temperature in Kofu was 24 degree C, whereas the lowest, 10 degree C. It is getting much cooler these days. People tend to be out of condition when the season changes. This afternoon, one of my students felt sick and was taken to the hospital. I was with him. He seems to be OK, but his mother took him home.

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Jingisukan again on Typhoon Sunday

In the morning, Katya and I had breakfast at Jonathan’s. An extremely powerful typhoon, #17, is coming to Japan.  It is the biggest one in years. In the afternoon, it started raining. At around 6 PM, the typhoon arrived in Toba, Mie prefecture, where we stayed in July. We had a Jingisukan BBQ again for dinner.    Katya prepared a lot of vegetables this time. Last evening, Katya put four snails inside the sea-water fish tank. They look healthy. It is 9 PM, the wind got stronger.

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Dentist after a several years

Yesterday by Arakawa Dam, I bought a bottle of Japanese tea. In addition to tea, the sales lady at the souvenir shop gave me two candies. I crunched them. They were hard and the second one broke my teeth! The teeth itself did not hurt, but it had my cheek inside hurt. There is a dental office in the walking distance from my office. This afternoon, I went to see the dentist after a several years. The dentist filled up the cracks and polished the teeth.  It became smooth and the cheek did not hurt any more. The dentist found another bad teeth. I will visit him next week for the remaining … Continue reading

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New printer arrives

In the evening, I went to Midorigaoka Sports Park to join the evening tennis lesson. I arrived early. Kids were taking a lesson. It was fun to watch them play. My lesson was not funny. It was hot and humid. The T-shirt I wore got so wet. It was a good exercise, though. After arriving home, I found a new printer arriving. An old Sony printer (Sony does not sell printers anymore) is broken and I ordered an HP3070A.    The color printer is wireless with functions of a scanner and photocopier. It is a little big, but I think it helps us.

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Low frequency electric masseur is my favorite

The masseur that arrived yesterday was a good buy. The machine works with  two size AAA batteries. If you receive a 15-minute massage, the batteries last for three months according to the manual. There are three massage modes, all of which are comfortable for my stiff shoulders. I feel fine after receiving the massages for one hour, so the batteries should be dead within on month. On Sunday, I will buy some rechargeable batteries for the masseur.

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Rainy season arrived

After the typhoon the day before yesterday, the sky became very clear and it was hot yesterday. Today, from the morning, it rained on and off. The rainy season has arrived in Japan. In a way it is good because the cool summer is not only good for Katya, but also we can save the energy. In the Kansai area of Japan, the electricity company is planning to run up the nuclear power plants. It is very interesting to see how people will react in the middle of summer; will they stop their air conditioners or they will chose an extra energy?

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Annular eclipse of the sun

On the evening of the day before yesterday, I saw shadow plates for the sun eclipse in a convenience store.  ”But Katya might have bought them”. Katya said she had not bought ones, so I thought I would buy a couple the next day. However, I forgot to buy them; when I went to convenient stores in the evening yesterday, I could not find them any more. Next annular eclipse will not be seen for more than 300 years in Japan. I would probably not see it any more. At 6 AM this morning, the sky was dim with clouds. “Hey, it was wise I did not buy them.” However, … Continue reading

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Camera completely broken

I bought this camera for Katya.  I have been using this camera since I started this blog. Today, it does not work at all. It is a pity. I need to give it up. Tomorrow, I will go to Tokyo. I will get one.

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