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Mets Cola: Cola for Specified Health Uses

Katya and I opened up a  bottle of “Kirin Mets Cola“. Katya often buys this cola for me. This cola is approved by the government as a “Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU)”. FOSHU refers to foods containing ingredient with functions for health and officially approved to claim its physiological effects on the human body (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare). This cola contains some dexitrins to control the the absorption of fat. Pepsi followed to sell “Pepsi Special“. For cola, I like Coke the best, but drinking those “healthy colas” makes me feel as if I were a healthy person.

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Tickets to Hatsushima arrived

Katya and I are planning to go to Hatsushima on May 4 and 5. At Yahoo auction, I was betting and won the discount tickets to the island. Today, I received the tickets. I am working longer to finish my jobs before the vacations come.

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Plans for Golden Week, 2012

This year, the Golden Week starts from April 28 to May 6, excluding May 1 and 2. It is difficult to find rooms in hotels in popular places. This year, we reserved a room in XIV Hatsushima on May 4 and 5. It is a pity the sea is still too cold to dive in. Before going to Hatsushima, I need to work. On April 9, I go to Tokyo, and from 13th to 15th, I will be in China. On the 16th, I go to Kyoto. I have a lot of things to be done before the golden week.

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I found Chanmery – Sweet and Sparkling

I went into a Seven-Eleven near my apartment to fetch some sweets. Then I found it: Chanmery. I have not thought of it for a long while. I was surprised to know that it is still produced. When we were kids, we called it “Champagne”, which we had on festivals, especially on Christmas. It was a very special drink. It is a drink with a long history. Right after WWII, a drink provider in Tokyo created “Soft Champagne” inspired by Champagne American soldiers were drinking. In 1966, French Embassy asked Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan not to use the term Champagne. In 1973, “Japan Soft Champagne Association” changed the … Continue reading

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Japanese like Cheburashka. I think that nearly all kids know him. Even an animation series and a movie were made by Japanese creators. We have Cheburashkas in our apartment, too. I found the biggest one in a supermarket, sold for kids in a vending machine. The smaller one and Krokodil Gena were found on the internet. The smallest one on the cell phone strip was bought by Katya for me. Besides, I have a Cheburashka poster in my office. When Katya arrived in Japan, I looked for some Russian DVDs.  I found out that they are  difficult to find in DVD shops, even those of Tarkovsky’s. Cheburashka was THE exception. I rent … Continue reading

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

I found Kyary while surfing. She is new to me, but seems already known over the world. Cool!  She is a model from Harajuku.

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Eel Bowl

I came back home at 8:30 PM, while Katya was out teaching. She had bought me packs of grilled eel. I warmed up a pack in a hot water. I made ane eel bowl. The eel was of a good quality. Eel is said to be good for the tired body in summer. The bowl tasted good with a can of Tecas select.

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Snowy National Foundation Day

Today is the National Foundation Day, a holiday in Japan. Katya and I woke up at 7 PM in the morning. Katya was going to the Russian embassy in Tokyo for the renewal of her passport. When we saw outside, it was snowing as forecast. Katya had a cup of coffee, and I took her to Kofu station. I left her and went back home. I took Maya-san out for a walk.  Then I went to my office to fetch my homeworks.  The institute was covered with snow. I worked with my laptop.  Maya-san took a nap by me. In the afternoon, I went out with a car. First I went … Continue reading

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Arriving in Kyoto

On Friday evening, Katya, Maya-san, and I left our apartment at 7:30 PM by Smart for my parents’ in Shimosuwa.  Maya-san was left to my parents, and Katya and I moved forward to Kyoto.  Katya mostly drove, and I did for the last part of the journey.  It was a 420-km drive, and we arrived in Kyoto at 2 AM. There is a discount for the weekend highway drives.  We got off the highway on (very early) Saturday, and that made the highway fee reduced to 1,200 yen from Shimosuwa to Kyoto. The hotel we stayed at was Hotel “SUN MEMBERS KYOTO-SAGA”. This is the second time for us to … Continue reading

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Waterfalls breathed out by dragon

We went to Kiyosato today. Reckless Maya-san looking down from a bridge. “Doryu no Taki” or “Doryu Waterfall” is the one we like.   Since Maya-san’s leg was a bit weak today, we did not go up for a hiking.  It would have been wonderful up there. We drove to “Kiyosato no mori“.  Katya took many pictures. Maya-san did her job. For dinner, Katya and I used a 19% discount coupon at “Tokube”. Then we played tennis for one hour in “Yamanashi Youth Center“. It was a busy weekend again.  Tomorrow, I leave for Nagoya for a business trip.

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