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Farewell Party

This evening, a farewell party was held at a restaurant “Rokuro” for an assistant in the office of our institute. Drinks were served unlimited at a price. I had to drink because it was very hot. American professor played the bagpipe. Good by, Shimizu-san.

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dramas for us – continue

Temperature was up to 36 C, amazingly stable everyday. In spite of the heat, our veranda is full of roses.  I show you another photo. When Katya and I watch TV or videos, or go to see the movies together, there are some linguistic points not essential but preferable, as stated yesterday.  1) English comprehensible without strong accents or slang.  2) English subtitles welcome, even if the actors speak English. American TV dramas on DVD do fit the criteria.  We enjoyed watching “House” but stopped watching it because of the less attractive actors from Season 4.  “HEROS” soon got too complicated. “FRIENDS” is OK, and we are on our second … Continue reading

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Slow Sunday

I could not sleep well last night and had a slight headache in the morning.  I decided to stay home today with Maya-san.  Katya went alone to Gotenba Premium Outlets.  It takes two hours from here by car, so it is a drive. While Katya was out, I rested, slept, and cooked Sri Lanka eggplant curry (I mix spices). After me and Maya-san came back from an evening walk, Katya was home.  Since the city tennis courts were closed, we had the curry and went out to rent “Up in the air” and two Columbos.  We saw “Up in the air“.  I liked Nathalie, the girl who invented the internet … Continue reading

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I show you roses Katya takes care of.. She cherishes them with care and sympathy. After my job (I work on Saturday), Katya and I played tennis  on a city tennis court from 8 to 9 PM.  It is a clay court.  We have many clay courts in Japan, and I think you concentrate and move more on clay.

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junky afternoon

From 6 AM, I was busy preparing a document for inviting an Indian researcher in Germany to our university next year.  I did not have lunch at home but had cup noodles while working. After finishing the document, I rode my bike to the school administration office under the temperature of (usual) 36 C.  After the submission of the document, I rode back to make it for visitors from Japan Patent Office.  I introduced our labs and had a lecture on patents, which was interesting.  Then, I had a coke and potato chips. I also bought some snacks, because at a Sunroad drug store, they give 10-time points now. Point … Continue reading

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inside mini

It was 35 C today in Kofu. On my way back from lunch, I drove my Lanborghini to the landlord to pay for my parking lot for mini.  Her house is close by. I show you the inside of my mini. The steering wheel is Nardi. Oil and water temperatures monitored.  Air conditioner equipped. Six speakers. Carrozzeria audio system. Navigation system. Recaro sport seats. Power systems, intake/exhaust systems, electric/electronic  systems modified.  Shock absorbers for racing, sport tires. After arriving in Japan, Katya got sick in my jumping mini, and we had to find another car.  I will someday talk about our second car.

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Most-Viewed TV program, Summer 2010

It’s “GeGeGe no Nyobo (GeGeGe’s Wife)” on NHK, a daily 15-minute drama broadcast twice a day from Monday to Saturday. The story is about the wife and family of Shigeru Mizuki, a manga author.  He is truly great, and I loved his mangas. I try to watch it twice a day (but normally fail to watch once). Two Russian ladies seem not interested in the drama. The story is based on an autobiography of Nunoe Mura, the wife. The movie based on the story will be on the screen this fall, and hopefully, Muravej’s wife will be joining him.

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This is my second post today. On the way back home, I dropped by my rental parking lot (with a roof) and checked my mini.  My mini was made in 1995, and I have been driving it since 1997.  Another mini on the right side.  I do not know whose this is, but it is funny to see minis being parked side by side. People see minis in Japan.  It was manufactured until 2000 in UK simply because Japaneses, the largest consumers of minis in the world, kept buying them.

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Heat Everyday, Texas Select Everyday

Temperature was up to 35 C today.  Summer stays in Kofu. For some reason, Maya-san likes to sleep outside. When she gets really hot, she comes in.  You can touch and feel her temperature. In Japan, companies try to get rid of the last single molecule of ethanol from non-alcoholic beers.  Huge efforts, but we prefer a better taste. We drink “TEXAS SELECT”.  When I was a high school student in Houston, I usually had “Coors”, and never thought of drinking non-alcoholic beers. Now “Coors” are not easy to find in Japan.  I check the website and found out that they do not sell “Coors” any more in Japan!  They … Continue reading

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As Hot as in Moscow, Summer 2010

The temperature in Kofu this summer has been over 35 degree C. Today’s highest was 36 degree C. I ride a bicycle between home and school three times a day: in the morning, during the lunch time, in the evening. Afternoon ride is tough!

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