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Hole Digging in Kiyosato

On Sunday morning, Katya worked on translation, and I,  in the garden.  In the afternoon, we drove out and had a late lunch in “Kiyosato no Mori“, a park in the Kiyosato resort area.  It took an hour from our apartment.  We had salad and shared a plate of Okonomiyaki. We took Maya-san, too; she is an expert in hole-digging and never fails to make good, deep holes in the playing field of this park. We peeled her off the ground in spite of her disagreement, and moved to another park, “Oka no Koen“.  Katya and I played tennis, and Maya-san judged games.  After tennis, we took Onsen, a natural … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Katya!

Today is Katya’s birthday.   I work on Saturdays, too, so in the morning, I had flowers delivered to her using “Rakuten” internet mall. During the lunch time, I bought Body Shop goods and gave them to her.  Even on Saturday and her birthday, Katya was busy with her translation of a Japanese technical manual to Russian.  The manual is of a new instrument from a major Japanese electronic company, so she is very serious.

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Tomorrow is Katya’s birthday. We had an early birthday dinner this evening. You might not know, but Japan produces wine. Kofu is the most well-known for wine, and there are many wineries. We went to “Sadoya” winery for dinner. It is 10-minute walk from Kofu station. They serve wines from their winery in the basement. Selection is not wide, but unless you are a super gourmet, you can find suitable wines for your meal.  We tried one sparkling, two whites, and one red, all in glasses. We rank the restaurant: Wine: good. Food: good. Service: Fair. Price: Acceptable. We do not strongly recommend this restaurant, but it is worth trying … Continue reading

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How to save money at a sushi restaurant

Katya and I are regular customers of a sushi chain-restaurant by Kofu, “Nigiri no Tokube“, with a rotational belt for sushi plates, not very expensive, but not too much “automated”. At the restaurant, Thursday’s a tuna day (tuna is our favorite as of everybody), and all tuna plates are cheap.  Plus, on the 19th, they give customers a 19% discount coupon, which is valid within a month.  Today is Thursday the 19th, so why not go? Everybody knows sushi, so instead of sharing our pleasure this evening, I give you tips to save money. When the payment came, the price  was  4,084 yen.  I showed an internet coupon printed out at home.  That … Continue reading

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Why Muravej?

When I named the company, I asked Katya what would be a good one. Muravej means “ant” in Russian.  Ant is small, but it works hard. We named our company “Muravej” and so is my nickname in ths blog.

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Four studios are located at: Nakaochiai, Tokyo Shibakoen, Tokyo Hongo, Tokyo Myorenji, Yokohama I started renting studios in 2002.  Now Katya and I are working together. At this moment, all studios are fortunately occupied. I am planning to make a homepage to show you our rooms someday. Agencies normally deal with Japanese-speaking customers for renting apartments.  I speak Japanese, English, French, and Katya, Russian, English, Japanese, Chinese.  So we may have a business chance to host visitors outside Japan in the future.

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A bit about me and Katya

I am a university professor in Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan, teaching and researching in chemistry. Real estate is my side job. My wife, Katya, is Russian. We first met in Shenzhen, China, in 2006. We have been married for 3 years. Katya is an English teacher and a Russian/English/Japanese translator.  She is joining a Russian dachshund community. All in Russian language, though. If you are a dachshund lover (and if you understand Russian), please check it when you have time.

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Hello world!

My fist blog page – Introduction of Maya Continue reading

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