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This is my second post today. On the way back home, I dropped by my rental parking lot (with a roof) and checked my mini.  My mini was made in 1995, and I have been driving it since 1997.  Another mini on the right side.  I do not know whose this is, but it is funny to see minis being parked side by side. People see minis in Japan.  It was manufactured until 2000 in UK simply because Japaneses, the largest consumers of minis in the world, kept buying them.

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Heat Everyday, Texas Select Everyday

Temperature was up to 35 C today.  Summer stays in Kofu. For some reason, Maya-san likes to sleep outside. When she gets really hot, she comes in.  You can touch and feel her temperature. In Japan, companies try to get rid of the last single molecule of ethanol from non-alcoholic beers.  Huge efforts, but we prefer a better taste. We drink “TEXAS SELECT”.  When I was a high school student in Houston, I usually had “Coors”, and never thought of drinking non-alcoholic beers. Now “Coors” are not easy to find in Japan.  I check the website and found out that they do not sell “Coors” any more in Japan!  They … Continue reading

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