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rainy day, fish evening, Maya-san on the lap

It rained during the day time.   In the evening, the rain stopped.  It was very nice riding a bike back home. Katya prepared a fish dinner. After dinner, Katya drove us out.  Maya-san on my lap. She kept watching out for cats. We arrived at Tsutaya to rent Columbo. We are almost finishing the series.

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Annual Apartment Meeting in Shinjuku

After I finished my work, I took a rapid train to Tokyo. This evening, a general meeting was held in Shinjuku for the owners of the apartment in Shibakoen .  The management is carried out healthily, which satisfied me. The meeting was held on the 12th floor of the building. I took a train home. In Kofu station, I found a new monument representing a drop of grape, made of stones (in Kofu, gems are produced). From the station, I was riding a bicycle to the apartment.  On the way, I saw Katya walking with Maya-san.  Katya came to see me.  We noticed each other. I called “Maya-san”, thinking she … Continue reading

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Quiet day with a haircut

It was raining in the morning. The rain stopped and started all day. Temperature was very mild.  Although it rained, I did not feel a humidity. In the evening in my office, I only heard sounds of crickets. After dinner, Katya cut my hair with a new tool. It turned out to be good. We had a night walk with Maya-san under a clear sky.

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Laptop broken

We are using an HP nx9010. It used to be one of the best laptops, and it still runs fast.  The screen is bright and clear. I am very proud of keeping this computer in a good condition. However, the microphone system was broken, which made Skype malfunction.  It is a disastrous situation for Katya, who occasionaly calls to her family  in Russia. I called to HP to find out that they will not repair them anymore after 5 years of their sales.  So I will find an alternative one for her. I do not hesitate buying one, but it is a pity that they do not fix it, although … Continue reading

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beautiful morning and rainy evening

Beautiful autumn morning!  Maya-san went out to a veranda, and took a morning sunbath. After breakfast, we decided to go to Kiyosato for Maya-san’s hole-digging.  Maya-san is an athlete, and she used to run a lot.  Now she is not allowed to run because of her weak hind legs, so hole-digging is her adequate exercise now, as far as we think; she uses only her front legs and her mouth. Kiyosato was developed as a new resort area.  When the economy was good in Japan, many people visited.  Now it is sort of deserted, but I think the place still has a potential to be popular again.  It is rather … Continue reading

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Night Tennis on Saturday Evening

After dinner, Katya and I played tennis at “Kose Sports Park“. It was not hot anymore, rather, a bit cool.  Even after 9 PM, many people were playing tennis. Summer is over. Good season has come.

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Another Farewell Party

A researcher is moving to a university in Tokyo.  We held a farewell party for him at “Ginza Haccho” in “Kofu Washington Hotel Plaza“. We had a good view of the downtown Kofu. The main dish was Sukiyaki. The researcher is very capable, and I have no doubt about his future.  Good by Tanaka-san. On the way back home by bike, I found a cake shop.  Cakes were very delicately decorated, and I bought them for Katya (and myself). Katya took this photo. We are full and having wine.  I put them in a refrigerator for tomorrow.

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Rainy Holiday

It has been raining all day. In the morning, the rain was not heavy, so I put a carrier base on the Smart’s roof.  The color had faded, and I sprayed on it. Katya made a photo blog for herself.  She uploaded more than fifty photos.  Maladez (Good girl), Katya. In the afternoon, we were just relaxing.  I was reading a magazine on a real estate business. In the afternoon, we drove out to a pet shop, “Pet Field“.  We bought a dried pig ear. Then we went to “Nitori“, a furniture shop (like IKEA), to buy a bookshelf for my books for my real estate business. While Katya and … Continue reading

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Katya’s Photo Blog

Katya started a photo blog.

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On-line submission is not an easy job

It is 6:30 PM now. From 7 AM, I have been working on the final check of the paper for submission to a scientific journal.  The experiments were done by my students. In the morning, I checked all the details in the paper: spelling, calculations, abbreviations, order of sentences, logic, etc.  In the afternoon, I sent e-mails to coauthors with the manuscript and figures (for the manuscript) attached.  Then I started the on-line submission at 1 PM. On-line submission sounds easy, but as everybody imagines, it could take time.  The toughest part today was submitting figures.  A PDF file was formed after the submission to check the results, and figures … Continue reading

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