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Revising a paper

Katya still has a cold, and I took Maya-san out in the morning for a walk. In my office, I found out the comments arriving in my e-mail box from two referees on the paper we submitted in October. The referees were not against the publication of the paper.  However, one of the authors gave us seven comments and the other, three, which were all valid and not easy to answer. I asked two students to check papers and data. I will go to school early tomorrow to finish the revision of the paper. I am working on it.

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A box of mandarins

Parents of a student of mine visited him in Kofu. They brought a box of Mikkabi mandarins, well-known for their rich taste, from their hometown in Shizuoka  for us. Katya loves mandarins.  She still has a sore throat, and the fruits should be good for her. Season is changing.  There are only some roses left. It is getting cooler. We have already reserved a hotel for the coming new year.  I hope we will be able to enjoy our first ski then.

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Good bye to Kyoto

We visited Tofukuji and left Kyoto. We saw Lake Biwa. We met Maya-san in Shimosuwa and all of us went home. Continue reading

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Evening in Kyoto

Yesterday, after the afternoon rest in the hotel, we took a public bus to Hogonin Temple for an evening garden walk. Garden was illuminated neatly, and so many visitors were in there.  It is a pity I was not able to take good pictures with my camera. Katya had a slight cold.  We took a cab to a Chinese restaurant “Hoan Hoan” in front of our hotel. The restaurant did not look promising outside, but the foods surprised us.  We enjoyed Mapo Doufu in a genuine Sichuan style. Waiters and waitresses were all cheerful and helpful.  We recommend this restaurant when you have a chance.

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Day in Kyoto

We woke up and had a late breakfast at 9:30 AM at the hotel. In the lounge, Katya had a coffee and I had a powdered-tea cappuccino, whatever it may be. We rent bicycles and rode them to Tenryuji Temple. The garden was very beautiful, but the leaves were being fallen. Then we moved to Jojakkoji Temple.  The garden is less sophisticated that the one in Ryoanji, but you can enjoy a pleasant walk on the hill. (Katya’s pics 1, 2, 3) After the walk, we had a late lunch at “Peeping Tom“. Katya was a little tired.  We went back to the hotel at 3 PM.

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Arriving in Kyoto

On Friday evening, Katya, Maya-san, and I left our apartment at 7:30 PM by Smart for my parents’ in Shimosuwa.  Maya-san was left to my parents, and Katya and I moved forward to Kyoto.  Katya mostly drove, and I did for the last part of the journey.  It was a 420-km drive, and we arrived in Kyoto at 2 AM. There is a discount for the weekend highway drives.  We got off the highway on (very early) Saturday, and that made the highway fee reduced to 1,200 yen from Shimosuwa to Kyoto. The hotel we stayed at was Hotel “SUN MEMBERS KYOTO-SAGA”. This is the second time for us to … Continue reading

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Leaving Kofu for Kyoto

I will finish my work earlier. Katya and I will drive to Kyoto via Shimosuwa where my parents live.  We will leave Maya-san to my parents. We are planning to arrive in Kyoto at midnight, and will stay in Kyoto for two nights. Have a good weekend.  Wish us luck.

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Where I keep my mini

I was busy with meetings, discussions with students, and finishing my works before going to Kyoto. On the way back to my lunch home, I dropped by my landlady’s for the payment of my mini‘s parking lot. The place has a large roof. I do not know why they made it so large.  It is more for airplanes.

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New Lens

Katya’s new lens has arrived. It looks huge, but actually it is very light.  Katya bought it at Yahoo auction.  She made a successful bid on Friday, and we asked the exhibitor to send it as soon as possible. Sure did he for us. Now I am busy with finishing my work till Friday.  I feel a bit pressed on.

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Labor Thanksgiving Day

Today was a holiday.  This holiday was originated in the harvest festival in Shintoism. After the WWII, the Allies are said to have created “Labor Day” + “Thanks Giving Day” = “Labor Thanksgiving Day” to eliminate the influence of Shintoism.  So it has a complex history. Katya went to Tokyo for a walk.  I stayed and took care of Maya-san. In the morning, Maya-san and I went to Noah Vet Clinic.  It was so crowded.  We stayed outside in fear that Maya-san could bark at, or even bite, cats.  She kept looking inside for cats. She received a laser treatment as usual.  We then went to a hall to buy … Continue reading

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