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Night cherry blossoms

When three of us had a night walk, cherry blossom were in bloom. Spring has come.

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March 30, 2011, a stable day

Electricity has been supplied these days in Kofu.  Probably, Tokyo Electric Power Co. will be providing electricity at least till April 3 as planned. Aftershocks are getting fewer and smaller in the north-east area. Foods and water have been contaminated in Fukuoka Fukushima.  Farmers would not be able to sell their products from there.  In Kofu, foods got more expensive, but not drastically. Gasoline is supplied daily in Kofu.  It is not very expensive yet.  In the north-east area, gasoline started to be sold daily, too. Spring has come.  Cherry blossoms are in bloom. Yearly festival in April was canceled at Takeda Shrine.  Two conferences in March I was planning … Continue reading

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Day after sleepless night – good bye to my student

In the morning, I went home from the office before 7 AM.  I sneaked into Futons.  I slept till 8 AM, took a shower, and went back to school. We had scientific meetings in the morning.  I went back home at two to have lunch. Then, I was doing some paper  work. In the evening a Ph. D student visited me in my office.  I instructed him for 5 years until he received his degree.  He is leaving school today.  He is getting out to a new life. He was not a very smart student, but he did what he was able to.  I hope he visits me once in … Continue reading

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Writing an article

I was asked to write an introductory article on a scientific issue for a journal, and the deadline has already passed (one month ago, actually). Today, I received an e-mail and a phone call from the publisher. This evening, I came back home at 7 PM and finished dinner.  I took a nap and now I am in my office. It is 11:30 PM now.  I will finish the article till morning. ———– It is 6:30 AM.  I have sent the files!!

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Kuonji Temple in Mt. Minobu

Katya and I had breakfast in Starbucks. Katya had a venti cappuccino and I, a tall cafe latte.  Milk was fully supplied in there.  We felt pollen.  My skin was itchy. By mini, three of us visited Kuonji Temple in Mt. Minobu established by Nichiren.  It took one and a half hours from the apartment. On the way out from Kofu, we felt less pollen. We did not expect the temples so big. The temples are surrounded by woods. Some cherry blossoms were already in bloom, but the best season has not come yet. Katya is planning to visiting it again on a weekday.

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Electricity has been running

Yesterday and today, we enjoyed the continuous flow of electricity.  Tokyo Electric Power Co. is scheduling the continuous supply till April 3; schools are in the spring vacation now.  From April 4, school starts and electricity goes down. Katya went to see a Russian friend of hers in Minami Alps city and had no time to cook.  We went to the Jonathan’s.  There were many people as usual. Dairy foods and products were out of order.  At the coffee server, there was no milk for cafe au lait or cappuccino. Yogurt was not available, either.  Other than that, menus were normal. Katya was reading Mikhail Bulgakov before dinner came. Maya-san … Continue reading

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New tenant decided to rent a studio

I have not written about my small real estate business. Three studios in Tokyo and one in Yokohama are all fine, not damaged at all. I was advertising for a tenant for the studio in Nakaochiai, Tokyo.  A new college student (school starts in April here) was willing to move in.  Then the earthquake shook her house in Ibaraki prefecture. I told the agency to let her stay for free at least in March. I waited for the reply from her, and she called to the agency saying she will move in. I hope she will start her new life comfortably in my studio.  I am planning to give her … Continue reading

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Final Snow

I was thinking that the snow on March 7 was the last one. I think this snow IS the last one. Today, Katya found no bottled water and less foods in Ogino Supermarket.

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Vegetables and water contaminated

I was not afraid of the radiation from the nuclear plants in Fukushima.  Unless there was a nuclear explosion, which is physically highly improbable, I was thinking that we are safe in Kofu. I was a bit afraid of the rain, because I lack the knowledge of meteorology.  I checked the direction of the wind and the radioactivity level in the rain, and I felt all safe. Vegetables and drinking water were found to be contaminated by radiation, which is natural in this situation.  According to the governmental reports, the quantities are very low.  Probably, the effects are negligible.  However, the bad thing is that I cannot check  the radioactivity … Continue reading

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Graduation Day

Today was the  graduation day for the students in our university. In the morning, we had the graduation ceremony in a hall in downtown Kofu.  In the afternoon, all students of the institute got together to receive diplomas.  We took pictures together. I hope the alumni will sometimes visit us. We had a scheduled electricity shut-down from 3:40 to 6:40 PM.  It started raining right after the shut-down.  I came back home at 5 PM, because it was too dark to work without light. Since we were not able to cook during the blackout, Katya and I went out together to a buffet restaurant, Nanoha, which one of Katya’s students … Continue reading

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