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Proposal finishing – a break

Proposal is proceeding and finishing; I need to finish the financial and CV parts. I woke up at 1 AM, worked, and slept and  woke up at 8 AM, and I went to the office. Katya and I played tennis for one and a half hours. Then I kept working in the office. I came back home at 8 PM. Katya and I took Maya-san and left Kofu to Shimosuwa.

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Proposal is not finished yet on the day of Showa

I woke up at 1 AM, went to my office, and worked till 9 AM. I came back home; today’s a national holiday, the day of Syowa, or the birthday of former emperor.  Personally, I am against the Japanese emperorism, which I believe was efficiently used to promote WWII. “Living God” is a bad concept, although the it is denied now.  Therefore, I do not feel right to take a break on those days. Emperor is a very intelligent, well-educated person with a common sense. He does what he can do for Japan in his situation.  He dared not to leave Tokyo after the earthquake, and visited the damaged areas.  … Continue reading

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Proposal Writing Continues

This evening, Katya works till 8:30 PM, so I came back home earlier than she.  I was relaxed a little; my body stiffs. Holiday season is coming in a couple of days.  I want to finish the proposal, soon.  I will get up early tomorrow morning, and will keep working on the project.

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Still writing a proposal

Proposal writing continues all day. At 4:30 PM, there was a break by a researcher who came to see my research. And then, writing continues. At 2 AM, I woke up and came to the lab to keep writing the proposal.

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Proposal and Classes

I stayed in my office during the night, working and resting for preparing my proposal. It is a project in which three universities and four companies participate.  I am the leader, so I have to finish it myself.  I worked till 6 AM, and I slept. I woke up at 7:30 AM and started preparing for my two classes: one in the morning, the other after lunch. I taught English to my students in the evening, too. Now I am back home.  I do not feel too tired because my mind is concentrated toward the project.  I will work hard one more day.  

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Writing a proposal

I have been writing a proposal all day. I want to finish it soon, so I am staying in my office tonight.

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Mostly Healthy Sunday

In the morning, Katya, Maya-san, and I took mini and went to the parking lot of Hotel Yogai. There is a good walking course from the hotel.  We left mini and started walking. We have been suffering from the pollen allergy of Japanese cedar, and the mountain was full of the trees.  However, we did not feel anything any more.  The rain yesterday must have washed out the pollens from the trees onto the ground. We enjoyed walking. In the afternoon, we went to EST Tennis School to join a trial lesson.  It was OK with me.  For Katya, the indoor courts were too dusty and she needed more basic … Continue reading

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Rainy Saturday

It has been raining all day today, although it is not heavy; I rode my bike to my office and on the way back home. I am still preparing a proposal for the new project. After I came back home from the work, Katya and I made spaghetti together; Katya made a sauce and I, boiled spaghetti. It is still raining.  We are thinking how to persuade Maya-san to go out for a walk.

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Quiet Birthday

It was my birthday today. I was busy in the morning and came back home for lunch at 2 PM. Katya gave me a Hilfiger shirt and a bottle of perfume for my birthday presents. Maya-san gave me kisses. In the evening, we went to Red Lobster for a birthday dinner. It was deserted inside more than usual on a Friday evening. Waiters and waitresses were less.  On March 1, they changed the menu, increasing combos, which made the quality look lower.  Actually, as far as we noticed, the taste was not bad. Drinks. I wore the shirt Katya gave me.  We took a lot of appetizers. We shared a … Continue reading

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Morning walk with Maya-san

A week ago, I rent “It’s Complicated” (basically for Katya) and “Inglorious Basterds“(only for me) a week ago. We saw It’s Complicated the day before yesterday, and I saw a part of Inglorious Basterds last night till I was not able to keep myself awake.  Although I got sleepy, I liked the movie very much.  It was not as impressive as my best movie, “Kill Bill“, but I felt Tarantino’s love for movies.  I will rent it again. In the morning, unfortunately, I had to return them till 10 AM to TSUTAYA in order not to pay the penalty of renting longer. I took Maya-san with me in a car.  … Continue reading

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