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Walk near Sun Meadows Kiyosato Resort

Katya, Maya-san, and I drove to Sun Meadows Kiyosato Resort. Skiers are there during winter. During the hot summer season, we enjoy the pleasant weather in the mountain. When we got there, it started raining. We had a small lunch under the roof outside and waited for the rain to stop. The rain stopped. We took a walk around a small lake nearby.    We found a butterfly and bees taking honey together. A small waterfall. Unfortunately, flowers were not auto-focused.     Katya will probably post some pictures of flowers in her blog. We met nobody around the lake. Very quiet.   Right after the walk, it started raining again. … Continue reading

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Cool Saturday Evening

In the morning , I was working in my office with an air conditioner ON; this is Saturday. In the afternoon, we had a meeting from 1 to 6 PM! as planned!! During the meeting, we heard the sound of thunders. It started raining hard. After the meeting, I went out to feel a cool wind in the rain. I asked Katya to come and pick me up to the institute.  We went to New Mahal together. We enjoyed a very pleasant evening.

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      The parents of a student of mine brought me and Katya a melon in a box. It was a big one like a watermelon. Katya and I had a half together.   It was very good. We keep the half left to let it more matured.

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A bit relaxed

After the meeting, I became a bit relaxed. Last night, I went to sleep without thinking of waking up early in the morning to go to my office. I eventually woke up at 7:30 AM and took Maya-san out for a morning walk. At school, I was working on jobs that I had not been able to accomplish because of the presentation.  I need to work on the renewal of the presentation, I still have one more month. After coming back home, I am writing this post, watching The Load of the Rings over a can of Texas Select.     

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The day of the meeting where all the project members got together for the first time

I woke up at 2 AM and went to my office. I prepared my presentation for today. I finished my last part, and made 15 copies. I took a train at 9:30 AM leaving Kofu to Tokyo with a copies and a computer. First, I went to a university in Tokyo to talk about the project with a person who knows well about it. He gave me some good advice. Then, I took a subway to an office of one of the companies involved. At 2:30 PM, the meeting started for those who are joining the project, both from universities and companies. Actually, it was the very first meeting for … Continue reading

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A big meeing tomorrow

I am preparing for the presentation tomorrow with the proposal group. I see professors at 1 AM in Tokyo and the meeting starts at 2:30 PM. I need to work out during the night time, too.

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Preparing for the oral presentation all day

In the morning, I was preparing for the PowerPoint file for the oral presentation of  my final examination of the proposal. In the afternoon, seven people came to our institute from a major automobile company, with whom I will work with for the project.  We had a scientific meeting together.  I carried out a short presentation, too. We had a small party after the meeting and exchanged some ideas.

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Sunflowers in Akeno, Hokuto city, Yamanashi

Sunflowers in Akeno, Hokuto, Yamanashi are well-known. Today is the first day of “Sun Flower Festa“. It takes less than an hour by car, so we went there. I saw a bee gathering honey from a sunflower. It stayed on the moving flower, with its body covered with pollen. The picture might look nice, but it was just a small-sized field. Katya and I had expected something enormous and were disappointed. Maya-san was happy because she saw goats. I bought two bottles of honey there. After coming back home, Katya gave Maya-san an imitation bone to have her chew it. While Maya-san enjoying the bone, Katya and I went to … Continue reading

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The Wrestler

I worked during the daytime. In the evening, I watched Mickey Rourke’s “The Wrestler“, Katya glancing at the screen once in a while; she did not like the wrestles. The ex-student of mine sometimes took me to the wrestling matches when I was teaching him French, so I understand what is going on and how to enjoy the wrestles. I liked the movie. The movie showed how Rourke was addicted to wrestling, or loved it.  Mickey Rourke acted perfectly. Katya said it is a good movie, too, in spite of the weird fights. After the movie, Maya-san, Katya, and I walked out together.

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Farewell party

Today, there was a farewell party for two professors, one from Korea and the other, China. They will have their own labs in their countries. We had a farewell party at Ginza Haccho. It is a loss for the institute, but it cannot be helped. I am back and watching “Girl with a Pearl Earring“. It is an excellent movie. I like Vermeer the most, and I understand in what way the director wanted to make the movie.

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