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BBQ and Poster Awards

The room was a simple one with two bed. I stayed with a colleague. In the evening, we had a time for excursion/recreation. I took a nap and walked around. The hotel has a golf course and ski slopes. I found a chapel. I went in an outside hot-spring spa. At 6 PM, we took a bus to Takizawa Farm.   We had an indoor BBQ. I chaired the ceremony for the poster awards. Some participants had some more drinks from 9 PM till midnight in a room.

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Lectures started

From 9 AM, I opened the seminar with remarks for 15 min,  Then, we had two lectures in the morning. It was a bit clouded but was very pleasant. During the lunch time, I went out to take pictures.     Hotel Koumi RE-EX is on Koumi Highland, Nagano. The altitude is 1,452 m. In the evening, students and young scientist gave poster presentations till 11 PM over a drink. Katya arrived back in Kofu. She is now with Maya-san. We talked over a phone.

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Seminar Started

In the morning, I left Smart at my parents’ so that Katya can drive it with Maya-san on. I said a quick good-by to Maya-san not to make her too upset. After arriving in Kofu by train, I went to the institute by mini. I met teachers and students, discussed about the schedules, loaded stuffs on cars, and left Kofu. After arriving at a hotel, we prepared rooms for seminars. People started arriving at 5 PM. We helped them registered. Meanwhile, the party was being prepared. The welcome party started at 7 PM, which I chaired. It continued till 9 PM. I think people enjoyed it very much. The committee … Continue reading

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Staying in Shimosuwa, Leaving Maya-san

Today’s Sunday. I took Maya-san out for a walk, cleaned my clothes and put washed dishes in. Then, Maya-san and I went to my office to prepared the seminar starting on Monday, tomorrow. A participant sent me an e-mail of canceling, but this was all that happened. In the evening, I drove directly to my parents’ in Shimosuwa with Maya-san. Mission: I stay one night, leaving Maya-san and Smart for another night. I will chair the seminar for three nights. Meanwhile, Katya leaves Vladivostok for Korea tomorrow, stay one night there, and will leave for Tokyo the day after tomorrow. Katya will take trains directly to Shimosuwa, take Maya-san from … Continue reading

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

I found Kyary while surfing. She is new to me, but seems already known over the world. Cool!  She is a model from Harajuku.

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Getting ready for the seminar

Today is Friday. I was talking on the phone with companies before the seminar starting on Monday. I was sending e-mails to participants. Right after the interview, I felt really tired, but now I feel fine. I think things are ready, but feel a bit worried. Anyway, for dinner, I had a piece of eel to cheer me up. Maya-san is on my lap. She seems to forget Katya, but I know she will be thrilled in a couple of days.

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Something different for dinner

For dinner, I am having rice bowls with beef or tuna on top. Curry is another one. I am buying lunch boxes at Seven-Eleven, too. For snacks, Maya-san is having artificial bones to clean her teeth, but now she is ignoring it.   We are both fed up. This evening, I went to Ogino Supermarket.  After8 PM, we may be able to purchase some  items at prices 50% off.  I looked for a pack of sushi, but they are all sold out today. I bought Maya-san breast meat of a chicken for her snacks. I bought a pack of “Mixed Salad”, which actually was cut cabbage. It should be at … Continue reading

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Tiring days continue

I was thinking I would be less burdened after the interview. Well, the seminar is close and there came more and more things to be done. These days, I am in front of the computer, sending and reading and sending mails, and preparing more and more documents. People pay for the seminar, so the responsibility is large. We had a heavy rain yesterday, and it is cool and nice. The weather is one thing that is pleasant. During the evening, I was so tired and talk with Katya only a couple of minutes. I do not sleep well thinking about the seminar.

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Starting preparing a seminar

The seminar for young scientists is getting very close, starting on August 29. I changed my mind and started working on it with my colleagues. There are many details to think about, and it is very challenging.

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interview over

I woke up at 3 PM and prepared for the interview today. I went to the office without Maya-san and started checking the PPT file. I practiced my talk again and modified it. I prepared 25 copies for my talk. At 9AM, I left my office to home, put a suit on, and left tor the interviewing site in Tokyo. From Yotsuya station in Tokyo, I took a taxi in case I lose myself. The presentation started at 1:45 PM. There were more than 20 judges. I talked about 10 min, and the judges asked me questions for about 15 min. I think my presentation was OK. From the judges … Continue reading

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