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Working Monday

I arrived at the institute at 7:30 AM. I started working. First, I had some tedious things to be done.  Then I started writing a paper. When writing a paper, I need to concentrate myself only on writing. I need to be in my own time and space. It was a pity I had a class today to teach. Although I have not finished the paper, I made a progress. I felt good. I returned home. Katya grilled chicken and potatoes, which was tasty.

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Natalia left

We woke up at 7:30 AM. We took breakfast together. Then all of us, including Maya-san, went to Kofu station. Natalia gave me a hug and rode on the bus with Katya.  Then the bus left Kofu. Katya took care of Natalia in Narita Airport.  They had lunch, and Natalia left Japan for Vladivostok. While they were at the airport, I was working in the office with Maya-san. Katya came back home at 6:15 PM. She was tired. Katya called to Vladivostok to find that Natalia had safely arrived home. Good. Katya and I went out walking to a Chinese restaurant, Manpuku Roh,  on the Takeda street. Katya had ramen … Continue reading

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Natalia’s Last Evening in Kofu

In the evening, we drove to Red Lobster.    We thought of going to a Japanese restaurant, but Natalia chose a comfortable place she knows. Natalia bought us a dinner.          Everything was good except for the chewy beef. I sent an e-mail of complaint to the headquarter of Red Lobster Japan. Luckily, Natalia did not have the meat because she was already full. It was a good dinner anyway.  Thank you, Natalia. Natalia is packing now.  She will be leaving tomorrow morning to Vladivostok.

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Tiring week, Mamma Mia! evening

I went on business trips last Saturday and Sunday. I went to Tokyo yesterday, too. This week was tiring. This evening, Katya, Natalia, and I saw the “Mamma Mia!” DVD. It is a good movie to see together.  Katya told me that ABBA was popular in USSR, too. I wonder how people could think of a movie like this. Katya and I saw it at least four times. Although we see the movies together, our favorite ones are sometimes different. I love “Kill Bill vol. 1” the best, far the best among all the movies.  The second one is “Shaolin Soccer“. Katya does not like “Kill Bill”, although she accepts “Pulp … Continue reading

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Business trip again to Tokyo

Again a meeting in Tokyo for my project. I had a beef bowl at Yoshinoya in front of Kofu station.   Then I took trains to Kanda, Tokyo. Researchers from four companies got together, and with me, discussed about a start-up  cell.  We came up to a tentative design. The meeting ended at 4 PM. After the meeting, I visited a company taking care of my studio in Nakaochiai to say hello. This company is not for the whole building but only dealing with the tenant and my compartment. In my studio, a girl student lives, who experienced the earthquake.  Her mother wrote to me that she is doing just … Continue reading

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Mostly document writing

I have sent the research schedules and budget plans of my project to the government. However, the bureaucrat asks me to modify them on and on. It is just a bureaucratic, meaningless work, but I did it a whole day. It is so annoying, but I have to do it. I wish I had an assistant.  

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Katya and Natalia returned from Hatsushima

Katya and Natalia arrived home before 6 PM. They were waiting for me. They seemed to be tired after two journeys, from Saipan and Atami/Hatsushima. I cooked tuna steaks for dinner. Katya had bought rice crackers as a souvenir in XIV Hatsushima. On the way back home, they dropped by Gotenba Premium Outlet.  They bought croissants at Fauchon for me. Boy, they were real, real French croissants! The flour must be imported. It is the most genuine croissant I have ever eaten in Japan. Everybody was tired, and we went to sleep.

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Back to Kofu with Maya-san by train

I woke up at 6 AM and left Shimosuwa with Maya-san by train. In Japan, animals must be kept in a bag in the train. Since I did not have a bag big enough for Maya-san, I put a blanket on her not to be seen. Maya-san behaved nicely in the train; she was still and quiet. We arrived at Kofu station at 7:30 AM. We went back home, and I went to the institute. I was tired whole day after the business trips. Meanwhile, Katya and Natalia took a boat to Hatsushima Island from Atami. They seemed to be tired, too, after the trip in Saipan.

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Lecture in Osaka on Sunday – Katya and Natalia left for Atami

Yesterday, I went to Chiba for a talk. Today, on Sunday, I was asked to give a lecture in Osaka University. I left the apartment at 6 AM.  I took trains. In the bullet train, a wall socket and the internet access were provided, so I was able to work. In the monorail in Osaka, I took the seat at the very front of the car. I felt a bit scared; it was like a roller coaster. I arrived at Osaka University. I talked for an hour and a half at the seminar. After my lecture, I quickly went back to Osaka station. I took brochettes and a glass of … Continue reading

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Lecture at the University of Tokyo in Kashiwa

I woke up at 5 AM in the morning. I quickly went to my office to prepare my presentation for today; I was invited to give a lecture at the open house of the University of Tokyo, Kashiwa. I worked till 9:30 AM and came back home. Katya took me to the station for the train leaving at 10:30 AM. In the trains, I was checking my PowerPoint file again and again. After arriving at “Kashiwanoha-campus” Station, I took lunch at McDonald’s in front of the station. Then I took a shuttle to the campus.   The place looked a bit lonely, being out of the town. I went into … Continue reading

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