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Snowy Kofu, 2012

When I got up and took Maya-san out for a walk, we found out that it was snowing outside. It was the most snowy in this season. Maya-san hesitated to walk out, so I forced her to. Bamboos covered with snow on the way to my office: Experimental building seen on the right: Garden of the office building: Students were late for school because of the traffic jam. In the afternoon, the snow stopped, but the visitors from Tokyo were late because the trains were late. Katya walked to the English lessons in the afternoon for the safety. I was afraid that the roads were slippery in the evening, so … Continue reading

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Students were awarded

From 5 PM this evening, there was a party for the bachelors and masters who are getting their degrees. Awards were given to those students who performed good presentations. The master student of mine received the 4th out of 60, and the bachelor student the 2nd out of 70. Wasn’t I proud of them! I helped them a lot, which was rewarded.  

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Graduating students’ presentations

From 9:10 AM, the presentations of the graduating bachelors started. They talked for seven minutes with two-minute Q&As. The student I am instructing made a presentation from 1:30 PM. He did well. I expect him to receive a presentation prize tomorrow. The presentations continued till 5:30 PM. The rest of the students will talk tomorrow morning. From 6 PM, the professors in our institute gathered and had a long discussion until 8 PM. In a university in Japan, a researcher did a dishonest research behaviors, which became a news. In order not to have the same problem, we checked our research systems.

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A walk in Tokyo

We woke up late and arrived at the restaurant for breakfast at 9:30 AM. “We will have a wedding party from 12 PM. The restaurant will be closed at 10 AM.”, they said at the entrance. So we rushed to the dishes for breakfast. It was a busy breakfast, although the view of Tokyo from the windows was good. After the breakfast, I bought presents for the anniversary and gave them to Katya. Tokyo Marathon was held today.  Katya and I watched the race. A Japanese runner, Arata Fujiwara, made a good race to win the silver medal. We then checked out and headed for the Imperial palace. I was thinking … Continue reading

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Celebrating Wedding Anniversary in Tokyo

We have been married for four years. We had a petite honey moon in XIV Tateshina. Since then, we have been celebrating our wedding, staying there, having dinner in the same French restaurant. This year, to my surprise, a room could not be reserved even in the middle of winter. So we decided to stay in Hotel New Otani in Tokyo. It used to be one of the most prestigious hotels in Japan (now, it is not extremely expensive). In the morning, Katya and I took Maya-san to my parents. Anju was there left by my sister, who are also travelling with my niece. Maya-san and Anju were getting along … Continue reading

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Wedding Anniversary

I stayed in my office last night, too. I finished the project schedules till 7 AM and sent them by e-mail to the bureau. Yes!! In the morning, the student carried out his second presentation. It was better, but was asked some modifications, too. I helped him with it. From 6 PM, I taught English to five students, and worked till 8 PM. I came back home after two nights. Actually, it was our wedding anniversary yesterday. Katya gave me a present. It was a CD, “Moshi Moshi Harajuku” by “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu“! I was very happy. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, we will stay in Tokyo for the … Continue reading

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I just kept working

I stayed in my office. I slept a bit with my head on the desk. I am working on the schedules of my project for the academic/fiscal year 2012 starting from April.  The deadline has passed. In the morning, I received an e-mail telling me to finish them as soon as possible. So I kept working. A bachelor student I am instructing carried out his rehearsal for the graduation presentation right after lunch. The presentation was not very bad, but it needed to be modified. While I was working, the student came in to my office for the discussion.  We talked a lot about how to understand his data. We … Continue reading

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I kept working

I had some nap in my office. I kept working. There are still some left. On Saturday, Katya and I are planning to go to Tokyo for our wedding anniversary, so I want to finish all the works till then.

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Again, staying in the office.

My mom and dad have come back from Izu peninsula after 16-day journey. They enjoyed their stay, although it was not as warm as they expected. The hotels they stayed in are as follow: February 5: Tokyo Baycourt Club. February 6-10: Resorpia Atami. February 11-15: Hotel Ito Powell. February 16-20: Wisterian Life Club Atami. From Izu, they sent us fishes that we normally do not have. Today, we had a fresh octopus and very big shells seen (and eaten) for the first time. Then I went back to my office to work. I am planning to stay again.

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Busy days continue and company treats us

Many things must be done and completed these days. It has been a busy day again today. In the evening, a company sending three Ph. D students to our institute invited us to a Chinese dinner in Konaya Hotel; I am instructing one of them. It was a good dinner. They even gave us a cake as a souvenir. However, I missed time to work this evening, which is not happy with me.  

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