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Business trip to Tokyo after meeting a Chinese student from France

At home, during the lunch break, I was preparing  for the tomorrow’s lecture in  Tokyo. Katya left home for work while I was preparing. Maya-san got bored to be left and tried to sleep on my suit in the baggage. I forced her out, packed everything properly, and left home for the office. Maya-san must have got bored more. C’est la vie, Maya-san. In the evening, with the baggage, I left the office for Kofu Station, where I met a Chinese student from France for a two-month research in our institute. He seemed to be smart. I took him to the hotel and we had dinner together. Then I left Kofu … Continue reading

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Maya-san stretches

Maya-san likes stretching. She always does it before going on a morning walk. Not only stretching her body, she  then rolls at the same time. During the day time, she sometimes stretches, too. She looks cute and funny.

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Water purifier for an aquarium

Katya’s sea-water aquarium project is slowly going. Today, a water purifier arrived, which takes out 98% of impurities. She has ordered salt, too. Next she will order live rocks and sand.

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One-day business trip to Osaka

The train left Kofu at 8:43 AM. I went to Panasonic in Osaka for a discussion about my instruments. I arrive there at 2 PM. Three of my students took a bus for seven hours from Kofu to Osaka yesterday. They said taking a bus eventually costs less even staying in a hotel. The discussion ended at 4.30 PM. I took octopus balls at the station near the Panasonic building. The bullet train left Shin-Osaka station at 5:40 PM. I changed trains to Kofu. I arrived home at 10:30 PM. I was on a train most of my time today.

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Walk, Concert, Buffet on Sunday

Today is Sunday. Katya and I took Maya-san to Lake Chiyoda.   It was a warm day. Maya-san got into the lake and chased ducks.    After a half-an-hour walk, we went back home. Katya and I drove to Togen Hall, where a concert was held by an amateur orchestra “South Alps Utopia Symphony Orchestra“. They performed Brahms, Prokofiev, and Beethoven.    We listened to Symphony #5 of Beethoven for the first time in a concert hall. The members must have practiced hard. Katya and I did not have lunch. On the way back home after the concert, we dropped by “Stamina Taro“, a bufet restaurant. The quality was not high … Continue reading

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Manpuku Roh Dinner

On Saturday evening, Katya and I walked to Manpuku Roh, a Chinese restaurant: Katya from home and me from the office. We met in front of the restaurant. Inside was full of customers. I wish it were Dohshinboh, our favorite restaurant.    Manpuku Roh is close to ours and the price is reasonable. Dohshinboh is far, but there are more variety of foods, the quality is better, and the price lower. On the way back home together, we bought some ice candy bars. Each had one at home.

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Katya’s Roses in Bloom

The weather is getting warmer everyday. Katya’s roses are getting in bloom, too.      

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Katya’s return schedules

Vladivostok Air withdrew from Japan at the end of March,  and Aeroflot took its part. However, Aeroflot did not succeed the route from Narita to Vladivostok. How is Katya going to be back to Vladivostok? I called to Delta today with a hope to use my miles for Aeroflot flights. They found one route using only 25,000 miles: Narita – Moscow – Vladivostok!  Unfortunately, the flight is too long for Katya, who has only a two-week break. Korean Air is a choice. But she needs to stay one night in Seoul. Besides, seats are already limited by the Japanese visitors to Korea during the summer vacation.  Also, they will not … Continue reading

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Ramen dinner

This afternoon, Katya and I went out together for finishing a small business. In the evening on the way back, we had ramen dinner at Kagetsu, a major ramen chain store in Japan.  Katya had not been there.    Taste was OK, but not the best. I will search and try a better one next time.

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Teaching in English

I have two classes to teach on Tuesday. The first lecture starting from 9 AM is for graduate students, fifty in number. There are a few students from Asian countries, like China, Malaysia, and Vietnam. One student is from Nepal, who entered the university this April and does not understand Japanese at all. Therefore, this year, I am teaching the class in Japanese and English. I prepared documents both in Japanese and English. I normally write on a board in English, adding some Japanese technical terms. I speak 80% in Japanese and 20% in English.  Quizzes in English. I did not know whether this plan would work, but so far … Continue reading

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