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Vegetables from Dad

My dad is an amateur farmer. He is 78 years old and still rents a farm to cultivate vegetables and fruits. Today, he sent us a box of vegetables. Mom put descriptions of how to cook them in case Katya does not know the vegetable. The refrigerator is filled with them.

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Tokube visit on a typhoon night

Typhoon #4 hits Japan today. Kofu is in the mountainous area and the damages are normally not large. Even though, the rain was heavy and the wind strong. At 8 PM, Katya came to the office by car to pick me up to a sushi restaurant “Nigiri no Tokube” because today’s 19th of June, which is a Tokube Day. In the restaurant, there were some people enjoying sushi even during the storm. The menu was changed to that of a summer version.       I was going to work early in the morning tomorrow, but is could still be a hard rain. So Katya took me back to the office … Continue reading

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How Maya-san sleeps on a legless chair

Maya-san likes to sleep on a legless chair. She makes her body round, leaning herself deep in the chair.

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Nishizawa Valley, Taizan Hanten, Gusto

Young scientists visited our institute in the morning, and I showed them around. In the afternoon, Katya, Maya-san, and I went to Nishizawa Valley in Yamanashi city. The temperature in Kofu was higher than 30 degree C today, but in the mountain, it lowered to 24 degree.      It was cool and pleasant. Maya-san found something “real” under the ground. She dug, barked, tried to bite it, and sometimes jumped back. It could be a snake. I took Maya-san out from the hole. We arrived at Okubo Waterfall. We then returned. On the way back home, we dropped by “JA (Japan Agriculture Co-operatives) Fruits Yamanashi”, a vegetable and fruit … Continue reading

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Avocado Cheese Spaghetti

Katya bought packs of “Avocado Cheese” spaghetti sauce today. I made spaghetti for dinner using the sauce. We had it with a CARL JUNG  non-alcoholic white wine. The dish does not look beautiful, but the taste was very rich. It went well with the non-alcoholic wine. This white wine was better than the red one.

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Maya-san’s frustration

After work, I went to a tennis class in Kose Sports Park. There were two men and three women joining the lesson. First we practiced strokes, next volley, then service, and finally games. It was a good exercise. After coming back home, Katya told me about Maya-san. Maya-san is so eager to go out to the veranda these days. Today, she barked there, then Katya found out that cats come in to the backyard.  Maya-san wanted to see them and fight them. After Maya-san was scolded by Katya, she stopped barking; she simply gazed at cats. Maya-san must have felt frustrated. Even though, she cannot but go out and wait … Continue reading

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When Maya-san is sleepy

After dinner, I was checking the internet, sitting on a legless chair, when Maya-san suddenly came and started sleeping on my bent leg using it as a pillow. It was funny. I grabbed a camera and took a picture of her. Maybe my leg was not very comfortable. She found Katya’s chair and went to sleep on it.

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Working all day writing papers

I was working all day today, trying to finish two papers. One was finished, the other, I am still working on. I will work on the latter tomorrow.  

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Welcome party for the Chinese student

In front of the south exit of Kofu Station, there is an old narrow street called “Paper Lantern Back Street (Chochin Yokocho)” for drinking. A welcome party was held in a pub, “Monojiya“,  for the Chinese student from France.    It started at 7:40 PM. I was checking the Chinese student to see whether he was doing OK, because some foods, like horse sashimi, may be hard to enjoy. He seemed to be fine. I sneaked out the party at 8:30 PM.  I will ask him weather he enjoyed himself.

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German Sweats

A colleague of mine brought me a box of sweets. He has been out to Germany for a conference. He met an old Taiwanese student of mine there, whom I had taught in my previous school in Sendai. He is now a postdoc in a German university. It was a surprise. Being a university teacher makes an international connection.

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