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Katya left home for Vladivostok

In the morning, I took Maya-san out for a walk while Katya was preparing for the departure. I drove Katya to Kofu station.  Maya-san was not with us because Katya did not want to let her down. We took breakfast together at “Vie de France“. Then, Katya took a bus to Narita airport. We said good-bye on the cell phone around 4:30 PM, and Katya left for Vladivostok. I took Maya-san for an evening walk at 6 PM. It became cooler, but after the walk, Maya-san asked a shower to cool her down. Katya safely arrived in Vladivostok. We talked on skype; I was able to listen to Katya clearly, … Continue reading

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A hot day before Katya’s departure

It was again a hot day in Kofu. Katya is leaving for Vladivostok tomorrow. This afternoon, we went to Kofu station to buy a bus ticket to Narita. Katya showed me how to feed fish and how to change water in the tank. She also told me how to water roses. She was busy packing. Maya-san watched Katya and understood she is leaving. Maya-san became sad.

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Lake Shirakaba-ko

We took a good rest in my parents’ second house. After giving the key back, we drove to Lake Shirakaba-ko, an artificial lake in Nagano prefecture. It does not look artificial any more.    After taking drinks and cake at “Monte Rosa“, we walked around the lake. We left the lake at 2:30 PM. We arrived at the apartment at 5 PM. After leaving the car, we suddenly felt hot.

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Second house of my parents in Shimosuwa

It has been hot in Kofu. Katya and I (and possibly Maya-san) need some moderate weather. My parents happened to buy a small house in their town Shimosuwa from my aunt living in Tokyo; her husband passed away, and the family does not use their villa anymore. My parents reformed it and let us stay this weekend. After my Saturday job, we left our apartment at 5:30 PM. On the way to my parents’, we took a walk with Maya-san. We arrived at my parents’ at 7:30 PM. After dinner, Mom led us to the house by car. The house was built 40 years ago, but it was clean with … Continue reading

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Japan beats Spain

At midnight, I started watching an Olympic soccer game: Japan vs. Spain, prior to the opening ceremony. Japan is ranked #20 while Spain #1. I was not expecting anything. From a corner kick, Japan happened to get a goal. Moreover, Spain lost a player because of a serious foul. I thought I would keep watching until Japan loses a few goals. However, the Japanese players played  well and they won! I was in fact more surprised than happy, and I soon went to sleep. In the morning, I watched TV news. I realized it was a big win for them. Then I went to school. It was a hot day … Continue reading

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Olympic soccer games started

The temperature raised up to 37 degree C in Kofu today.  It is expected to be  hot for days to come. Katya is leaving for Vladivostok only in four days, so I hope she can wait. Maya-san. on the other hand, likes to go out to the veranda because cats come sometimes into the backyard. We need to take her in once in a while. Soccer tournaments have already started in the Olympic games. Girls won the first game against Canada. From now on, guys play against Spain.  To be honest, I think there is little chance to beat them.

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New printer arrives

In the evening, I went to Midorigaoka Sports Park to join the evening tennis lesson. I arrived early. Kids were taking a lesson. It was fun to watch them play. My lesson was not funny. It was hot and humid. The T-shirt I wore got so wet. It was a good exercise, though. After arriving home, I found a new printer arriving. An old Sony printer (Sony does not sell printers anymore) is broken and I ordered an HP3070A.    The color printer is wireless with functions of a scanner and photocopier. It is a little big, but I think it helps us.

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Summer vacation coming after the exams

In the morning class starting at 9 AM, I gave students the final exam of the lectures before the summer vacation. Actually, I had shown all the questions two weeks before, and the questions I gave today were exactly the same. Besides, I let students bring any material, such as notebooks, textbooks, notes, and even PCs! One out of four students failed. How could it be? I gave those unsuccessful students some more chances to recover their grades. In the afternoon class starting at 1 PM, I have been teaching the basic of electronic circuits to freshmen . Today, they presented what they had learned in front of the teachers. One student … Continue reading

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“Starsky & Hutch” and “10 Items or Less”

When I came home, “Starsky & Hutch” was on TV. It was a very famous American TV drama and was broadcast in Japan, too, but I had no chance to watch it.  This one on TV tonight was a movie, not a drama, but I did not mind. I felt  lucky to touch a history. After the drama, “10 Items or Less” was on. I happened to see the last part of the movie yesterday and wanted to see the former part. So I felt lucky again. After watching ”10 Items or Less”, I checked out ”Starsky and Hutch” on the internet. The movie was a completely new one, and the  actors … Continue reading

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Buffet Lunch, Shosenkyo Walk, and Noah Vet Clinic on Sunday

For lunch, we decided to try a buffet in Kofu Fujiya Hotel. Katya and I, together and separately, had gone to have a Chinese buffet before, which was satisfactory. The Chinese buffet was ended, and the buffet changed into a mixture of Japanese, Chinese, and Western. The buffet was held at “Vent Vert“. We arrived at 11:50 AM. It was so crowded inside. We were directed to a private room.    The room was assigned to us not because we are VIPs but there was no room left. The place was far from the buffet tables. The foods were not the first class but acceptable. However, the atmosphere was bad; … Continue reading

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