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Project meeting held in Tokyo

I woke up at 5 AM and went to my office to prepare the slides of my presentation today for a  project meeting scheduled this afternoon in Tokyo with most of the collaborating researchers of several schools and companies. I am the leader, so I have to talk nicely. I finished the slides at 7:30 AM, and made 30 prints. I went back to my apartment, took a shower, shaved myself, and put skin cream and cologne, which is unusual (shaving, especially), to fire up myself. Katya left home for her teaching job first, and I left next for the station. Maya-san kept the apartment. I took a train leaving … Continue reading

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Document sent

Today is the day for sending preliminary results obtained in my scientific project, which started in October last year. I was working on it until 9:30 PM, then I sent it by e-mail. The document will be checked by the consultant of the project, after which I will revise and resubmit it by September 27. The interview is scheduled to be held at the end of November in front of 20 judges. Then, it will be decided whether the project continues. It is not easy. I will go to bed early; I need to wake up early to prepare the presentation tomorrow in Tokyo.

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Working all day

I left home at 7:30 Am, and started preparing for the document. A Shimadzu researcher came to help us with establishing the instrument in the lab. I came back home at 10 PM. I will work tomorrow for the document and the presentation slides.  

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Good ol’ science fiction movie

After dinner, I started watching “Terminator 3” on TV.    It is a good movie. They did not make the move fashionable but kept it good and old. While I was watching, Maya-san took a nap with her head on my leg.  

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Working after a break

I am supposed to finish a document of my project on the 30th. The meeting of it waits for me on the 31st in Tokyo. Therefore, after the break in Nagano last weekend, I restarted working at the desk in front of my computer. It was a hot day. I sweat when I came back home for lunch by bike. Then I started working.

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Marsh in Mt. Nyukasa

We had breakfast at my parents’ second house, returned the key to Mom, and left Shimosuwa. We headed for Fujimi Panarama Resort in Fujimi, Nagano.  When we got there, there were outdoor jazz concerts. Last time, we took a gondola to the top of Mt. Nyukasa, while this time, we tried a free bus ride for visitors. It took 40 minutes to the apex station by bus on a very narrow road. Sort of scary. We hiked around the marsh on the mountain.    There were many highland flowers. We enjoyed a very good climate. On the way back down, there were many people waiting for the bus. We had to make a … Continue reading

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Shinjuku and Shimosuwa

I left Kofu at 12:12 PM for a real estate meeting held in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It was a hot day even at the end of August.   The meeting ended at 3:30 PM. I took a train to Shimosuwa leaving at 4 PM. Katya. on the other hand, left Kofu with Maya-san by Smart to Shimosuwa. We met at my parents’ at 7 PM. Then, all of us headed for their second house. Katya left the house for her Russian friend’s. Maya-san is waiting for her.

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Instrument Installation

With Shimadzu guys, we have been working for installing the new instrument into the laboratory. We are using lasers, and the optical system emits fluorescence.  The signals we want, therefore, are hindered. With using optical filters we were trying to get rid of the fluorescence light. We were working till 8 PM. The light was found to be from lenses, joints, and optical cables, so it is difficult to take it off. We will try another method next week.  

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Business trip to Tokyo in the afternoon

In the morning, I joined a meeting for the preparation of the specification of a new instrument. At 11 AM, I left the institute for Tokyo.  At 2 PM, I arrived at Hongo, where I attended a publication meeting of a scientific society. We discussed till 4:30 PM. Then I had dipping doodles for late lunch at “Tsukemen Masaki“. The taste was delicate but not impressive. I moved to Honancho for an extraordinary real-estate meeting to introduce a new “electronic” electric breaker to reduce the electricity cost. It was accepted to install the breaker to the apartment in Nakaochiai. The meeting ended at 7 PM. I rushed to Shinjuku Station … Continue reading

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New fishes

In the afternoon during the lunch time, Katya came to the institute with Maya-san. Three of us went to “Fish Land Ishihara” to buy some more fish. We bought two corydoras pandas, four shrimp, and a moss. We put them in the tank. It seems new fish are doing fine.

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