Shisendo in Kyoto

In the morning, we had a discussion in Shimadzu; the work’s then over.

After arriving at Kyoto station from Keihanna, I took a bus to Shisendo, a residence of a scholar in the 17th century.

I like the place and have been visiting it once in a while.



It is a small place with few visitors. The garden is very small but beautiful. It is very comfortable to be in there.

I stayed there for half an hour, sitting on the tatami floor. Then I took a bus back to Kyoto station.

From Kyoto, I took a bullet train and got off at Nagoya station.

In a small noodle place inside, I took a bowl of kishimen noodle, a local specialty.

Then I went back home in Kofu.

In the apartment, Katya was getting ready for the sea-water tank.

She put live rocks in. Katya said she would wait for a couple of weeks to make the atmosphere stable.

After all those trip, I did not forget anything inside the trains, which is an accomplishment.

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