First day in Odaiba, May 1, 2013

I stayed in my office last night to finish my works before the trip to Tokyo. This morning, I woke up at 5 AM in my office to finish them.

I came back home at 10:30 AM. I took a shower, and Katya and I prepared for the trip.

We left after noon. Katya drove on Chuo Freeway. It was cloudy.

I sat on the backseat with Mariya.

On the way to our destination, Odaiba, we stopped at Yoyogi Parking Area. There was a coffee shop, Doutor.  We took a break there.

Doutor at Yoyogi Parking Area  Katya and Mariya by the window in Dputpr

I started driving after Katya. It rained on and off. We arrived at Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel after 3 PM. Our room is on the 17th floor.

Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel  Mariya on bed

The view from the window must have been nicer with a clear sky.

View from Ariake Washington Hotel  View from Ariake Washington Hotel

We took a nap.

After a nap, we called Mom in Shimosuwa to find Maya-san was happy with my parents.

We were hungry then; we did not go out but had buffet dinner at Beer Restaurant Georgetown on the first floor of the same hotel.

Entrance of Georgetown  Entrance of Georgetown

Mariya was a very good girl in the restaurant.

Mariya in Georgetown

By then, it rained outside. We took a short after-dinner walk under an arcade.

Katya and Mariya in Odaiba

Mariya was apparently puzzled in a foreign environment. It was funny but was a bit pity that she could not enjoy the situation.

The night view from the hotel was OK, although I still wish the sky were clear.

Night view from Ariake Washington Hotel

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