Sunday shopping

In the afternoon, Katya, Mariya and I went out for shopping leaving Maya-san home.

Mariya in car

We dropped at a public parking lot to see roses around the fences.

Roses around the fences  Roses around the fences

Then we went to an au shop, a telephone company to talk about my broken iPhone; there is no AppleStore in Kofu. I had called to Apple, and the operator told me that with the number he gave me, I was able to borrow an iPhone at any au shop.

An au shop in Kofu

The man at the au shop told me that he knew nothing about this system and that he could not do anything for me.

Nothing can I do, either. I have to call to Apple tomorrow, then.

Then we went to Nishimatsu Ya, a baby shop.

Nishimatsuya in Kofu

We bought a swimsuit for Mariya.

Swimsuit in Nishimatsuya

Some foods and a thermometer for her, too.

Babies' foods at Nishimatsuya  Katya buying babies' foods

We went to “Fish Land Ishihara“, a pet shop, and asked about algae growing in our fresh-water aquarium.

Eventually, we bought four fish. See whether they work for us.

We headed for “Yumura Hotel” for a buffet dinner.

Mariya in Yumura Hotel  Buffet at Yumura Hotel

They serve healthy dishes. We brought a piece of ham for Maya-san waiting for us alone.

We arrived home. Maya-san forgave us after having the souvenir.

Mariya is practicing crawling. She is about to go.

Mariya learning to crawl  Mariya learning to crawl

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