While I was at work, Katya went to Shosenkyo again to take pictures.  She showed me some of the pictures (Pics 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) that looked like beautiful abstract art works.

In the afternoon, Katya’s Ukrainian friend, Kseniya, living in Higashi Yamanashi city came to our apartment with her Japanese husband.  They have a farm and brought us persimmons.  Katya was teaching when they arrived, and they left a box of them in front of our apartment.  Kseniya called to Katya saying that Maya-san had barked so furiously inside to keep our residence.

Their persimmons grew good and large.

There were no seeds inside, and the taste was good.

Katya told me she had persimmons in Vladivostok, too, which were imported from China or Central Asia.

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