Crab party

One of my colleagues, an ex-student of mine, is from Fukui.  His parents sent a bunch of “Echizen Crabs“, and he brought them to the institute.

Students had a crab party in a hall yesterday.  Since I was working and could not join, he saved one for me.

During the lunch time, I went back to the apartment for lunch and for shower.  I brought the crab.

I put it in a refrigerator.

I had it in the evening.  Katya eats only legs, so I left them for her.  I took the meat out.

I think I will use it for spaghetti.

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4 Responses to Crab party

  1. AdelaideBen says:

    Ah… I know my wife is licking her lips… she loves crab, but being from Sapporo, she’s hard to please crab-wise. Kegani crabs are huge there…

    It’s funny though – the different tastes people have. I don’t think I’ve ever seen crab pasta here in Australia… marina yes, crab definitly not. I wonder how much this is about taste, and how much it’s about what’s readily available (then again, those two things are very closely related I suppose).

    So how was the pasta?

  2. Muravej says:

    We did not have spaghetti today because we remembered it is the 19th, the Tokube day for the 19% discount ticket.
    I know your wife misses some Japanese tastes. Katya misses Russian breads.
    What are the sea foods you use for pasta? Do you use lobsters, for example?
    We will make a crab spaghetti tomorrow.

  3. AdelaideBen says:

    Ahhh… we wish. Lobster’s very expensive here – actually ALL seafood is expensive here (compared to Japan). Seafood pasta normally contains prawn/muscles/octopus/scallops… and maybe if you really want to impress you might go a Lobster (I don’t know… if the Queen was coming to visit). It’s always a shock to compare prices of seafood here and in Japan… then again, there’s a lot more seafood eaten in Japan than here (though perhaps that’s why). Having said that, I know that some crab can sell for HUGE amounts of money.

  4. Muravej says:

    I was thinking sea foods were cheaper in Australia with such a long coastline. Yes, I remembered we import beef more than fish from Australia.
    Lobster spaghetti is not common but not strange in Japan. As you know, you even have crab ramen in Hokkaido, if it might be only for tourists.
    Please enjoy Japanese foods when you are in Japan.

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