Arriving in Kyoto

On Friday evening, Katya, Maya-san, and I left our apartment at 7:30 PM by Smart for my parents’ in Shimosuwa.  Maya-san was left to my parents, and Katya and I moved forward to Kyoto.  Katya mostly drove, and I did for the last part of the journey.  It was a 420-km drive, and we arrived in Kyoto at 2 AM.

There is a discount for the weekend highway drives.  We got off the highway on (very early) Saturday, and that made the highway fee reduced to 1,200 yen from Shimosuwa to Kyoto.

The hotel we stayed at was Hotel “SUN MEMBERS KYOTO-SAGA”.

Hotel "Sun Members Kyoto-Saga"

This is the second time for us to stay in this hotel.  Luckily, there was a space left only for one car.

When we turned on the TV, the final volleyball match, between Japan and Iran, was shown  in the Asian Games, and Japan won the gold medal after 16 years.  We saw it and went to sleep.

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Hello! I am a scientist running apartments in Tokyo and Yokohama. If you are willing to live in Japan, please get in touch.
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2 Responses to Arriving in Kyoto

  1. AdelaideBen says:

    Sounds like quite a trip (420 km drive in the mini)… arriving at 2AM. From memory, mini’s are great cars… but not necessarily well known for their long-distance comfort. Hope it wasn’t too bad a drive (but then again, for mini fans, there’s no such thing as a bad drive). Safe driving back – and can’t wait to read your adventures in Kyoto.

  2. Muravej says:

    Thank you, Ben. Actually, we took Smart this time; Katya is not the biggest mini fan.
    I was working late the previous night, and Katya, in spite of her cold, drove most of the way.

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