Tetsuro Kawashima Quartet

In the afternoon, I took smart to YANASE Kofu for the 12th-month inspection. They let me use their car for one day during the inspection.

This car is much too bigger than Smart, and I feel less comfortable.

In the evening, Katya and I went to a Jazz concert of Tetsuro Kawashima Quartet held in the civic hall of KokuKawashima is a popular sax player. The concert was supported by Kofu city, thus the ticket cost only 1,000 yen each.

We went to the concert last year, too.  This year, the rest of all three members, pianist, drummer, and bass player, except Kawashima, have changed. The new members with Kawashima recorded a new CD, “Days of Bird“.

The concert was good.  We sat in the third row from the stage and really enjoyed the show.  We missed the pianist and the drummer who played uniquely last year. On the other hand, the new pieces in the album are rather standard, so the new members may fit better to the music. I found that the new bass player very talented.

After the concert, we had dinner at Red Lobster in Kofu.

The dinner was OK, although I felt they are trying to reduce costs.

For the main dish, Katya took salmon and I took fried shrimps.

We came home to find out Maya-san having enjoyed a garbage party, which she holds herself when we are long out.  She was left alone for a long time today, so probably she deserves it.

Christmas is coming.

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2 Responses to Tetsuro Kawashima Quartet

  1. AdelaideBen says:

    Nice post… but I have to say that the prize goes to Katya for her photo of you. Very nice.

  2. Muravej says:

    Thank you, Ben, that is a family photo taken by a photographer. Katya is fond of taking natural scenery photos but also takes good pictures of people and architectures.

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