dramas for us – continue

Temperature was up to 36 C, amazingly stable everyday.

In spite of the heat, our veranda is full of roses.  I show you another photo.

When Katya and I watch TV or videos, or go to see the movies together, there are some linguistic points not essential but preferable, as stated yesterday.  1) English comprehensible without strong accents or slang.  2) English subtitles welcome, even if the actors speak English.

American TV dramas on DVD do fit the criteria.  We enjoyed watching “House” but stopped watching it because of the less attractive actors from Season 4.  “HEROS” soon got too complicated. “FRIENDS” is OK, and we are on our second run.  Katya likes “CSI“, but not me,  because they show scenes only to catch eyes.  I liked “Smallville” (titled “Young Superman” in Japan), but it took me too long to wait for his flight. Katya was not much fond of it, not knowing the background (she may not be interested in the background, anyway).

With no subtitles, documentaries such as “National Geographic”, “History Channels”, and “Discovery Channels” are ours.

This evening, we watched Columbo.

We tried “Броненосец Потёмкин (The Battleship Potemkin, 戦艦ポチョムキン)” twice, but failed twice.  Subtitles in both Russian and Japanese seemed fair, but we slept.

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