Second Ski in 2011

We had breakfast in the lounge and left the hotel for skiing again.

It was a sunny day, a very good day for skiing.  We enjoyed it, although there were so many people.

Katya started skiing in Japan and is now good at it.  She is fond of sports.  We play tennis, ski, and go snorkeling together; it is lucky for us to be able to share time together.

We went to Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza again.  Katya bought a pair of Adidas gloves. We bought a sealed lucky bag in a Swatch shop and got a pair of swatch.  We are wearing them now.

We went back to the hotel, XIV Karuizawa.  We wanted to have Chinese this time, but the seats were all occupied.  So, we had to have Italian again.

We did not take courses this time, instead, we ordered a salad, an appetizer, and pastas.

It was a right choice!  We did enjoy the dinner.

After the dinner, we went to the lounge to have a piece of cake with coffee and tea.

It was a good dessert.  A pianist was playing and singing in the lounge, which gave us a pleasant moment.

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