Students are graduating

Today, at 9 AM, all professors of the institute got together in a room for the rehearsals for the graduating eight master students of their oral presentation scheduled next Tuesday.  They gave 20-minute talks and 40-minute questions/answers.  Everybody did good except one, for whom, we will have another rehearsal on Saturday morning.

The rehearsals ended at 6:30 PM.  I did not go home for lunch, because I was too busy for the students.

In March, the last month of the educational year, we are going to have a couple of farewell parties.  Graduation is waiting, too.

After coming home, Katya prepared a fish dinner for me.

Tomorrow is National Foundation Day, a holiday.  Katya will go to Russian Embassy.  I will probably work.

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2 Responses to Students are graduating

  1. AdelaideBen says:

    Congratulations to your students, and of course to yourself. I have to say that it’s weird for me to think of the academic year ending in March. I’m sure there’s a good reason…. I guess I like our system where we go by calendar years (finishing in November/December and having 2 months off over summer is the way to go).

  2. Muravej says:

    It is said that when Japan began to modernize more than 100 years ago, the fiscal year was decided to start in April following the British tradition. The school year followed because of a financial reason at that time. Until now, both financial and academic years start in April in Japan.
    Starting school in spring, in a way, gives a feeling of starting a new life. On the other hand, the Australian system seems very reasonable and appeals to me.

    For universities, one can also enter in September and graduate in October, too, to fulfill the gap between school systems in other countries.

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