Kofu and Tokyo, Saturday, March 19, 2011

Controlled electricity shutdown was scheduled from 12:20 to 16:00.  Therefore, we were allowed to be in the office only in the morning; I decided to go to the lab only to check e-mails.

I had three unused train tickets to Tokyo due March 24.  I gave Katya two of them so that she could go to Tokyo to change the air (by the way, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmed that the low-level radiation detected in Tokyo is harmless for human health).

I took Katya to the train station and reserved seats for her.

After I left Katya, I went to my office. Then I went to a chain restaurant “Bikkuri Donky” for lunch.  There seemed to be enough customers inside, but the menu items were limited because of the short supply especially of meat.

I went to a convenience store.  Shelves were getting almost full.

Katya continuously sent me mails from Tokyo.  The train had few people inside.  After arriving in Tokyo, she first went to Harajuku and Omotesando and found out streets much less active.  Especially, much fewer foreign people .  All the famous brand shops, Armani, Chanel, LV, etc., were closed.

Katya had lunch at her favorite, popular restaurant, and it was not busy, either.

She went to the MoMA store, a Uniqlo,  and a BODY SHOP in Omote Sando.  MoMA store was OK as usual, but in Uniqlo and BODY SHOP were much fewer people.

Katya showed me a set of exchangeable crayons she bought in the MoMA store.

Number of people on the street and in shops became much less in Tokyo.

Eventually, we experienced no electricity shut-down today either in Kofu or in Tokyo, because people use less energy on weekends and the electricity company decided not to carry it out.

Katya arrived at Kofu Station at 5:30 PM.  I picked her up with Maya-san.

For dinner, Katya and I went to “Nigirino Tokube” Sushi Restaurant because today is the day when 19%-discount coupons are provided.

Surprisingly, there were full of people inside.

Our impression is that Tokyo is less active with fewer people, but that the life in Kofu, in its appearance,  has little changed after the disaster.

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