Rainy Vernal Equinox Day, a national holiday

It was raining in the morning.  I took Maya-san for a walk, while Katya prepared breakfast.

It is a national holiday today.  It gave us a three-day break.

I was a bit worried about the rain and checked the radiation level on TV and on the net, which was low enough.

I was working on a proposal for a new project all day.

In the afternoon, Katya went out and bought radish seeds.  She will try to make some.

Maya-san was sleeping almost all day.

After dinner, I took a nap.  Katya was talking with her mother on Skype.  Katya said that her parents are relieved now, understanding that the situation in Kofu is not hazardous.

I woke up.  Katya and I took Maya-san for a walk, and I restarted working on the proposal.


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