Final Snow

I was thinking that the snow on March 7 was the last one.

I think this snow IS the last one.

Today, Katya found no bottled water and less foods in Ogino Supermarket.

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2 Responses to Final Snow

  1. AdelaideBen says:

    I’m surprised that the panic on water has hit as far away as Kofu. I suppose that’s the problem with panics… they spread.

    I hope the snow eases off very soon in the North East. It’s not only horrible for the survivors – but it must make recovery so much harder.

    Any idea why it’s so difficult to get supplies in to affected areas – I assume that the condition of road/rail is still precarious (is the rail up there electric powered?). Also, the on-going after-shocks must be disturbing progress as well.

  2. Muravej says:

    Water in Tokyo was contaminated, and Kofu is near Tokyo, so it was sort of a natural attitude, although the water comes from different sources in the mountains.
    Electricity is now being supplied to many areas, and fortunately the snow was not very heavy this time.

    The situation became stable but is always bad and stably harming the sufferers. We, not the victims, feel slightly but continuously depressed, which is our (sad) new normal.

    Lack of supports to the area is from some reasons: 1) Roads and rails were destroyed. 2) Gas near the area is limited to allow enough vehicles run. 3) Radiation leak made drivers afraid of running near the power plant.

    We do not see bright perspectives yet, but try to be strong.

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