March 30, 2011, a stable day

Electricity has been supplied these days in Kofu.  Probably, Tokyo Electric Power Co. will be providing electricity at least till April 3 as planned.

Aftershocks are getting fewer and smaller in the north-east area.

Foods and water have been contaminated in Fukuoka Fukushima.  Farmers would not be able to sell their products from there.  In Kofu, foods got more expensive, but not drastically.

Gasoline is supplied daily in Kofu.  It is not very expensive yet.  In the north-east area, gasoline started to be sold daily, too.

Spring has come.  Cherry blossoms are in bloom.

Yearly festival in April was canceled at Takeda Shrine.  Two conferences in March I was planning to join were canceled, too.  Many international conferences in Japan have been canceled.

Situation is stable.  Bad news are continuously broadcast as usual.  Bodies are found everyday.

Katya and I did donation again to the red cross.  We are watching tennis on TV now.

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2 Responses to March 30, 2011, a stable day

  1. AdelaideBen says:

    Please tell me you meant Fukushima… surely the food in Fukuoka isn’t contaminated. That’s a long, long way (and if it were true, I might really want to start re-thinking our trip).

    Any ideas what’s happening after April 3? I don’t suppose there’s much chance of the remaining power plants being able to increase capacity quickly (and there’s very few other ways of suddenly adding additional power generators either). Is it really only Fukushima’s power station that remains off-line? Hopefully something gets resolved before the summer heat arrives.

    By the way – speaking of power, apparently even Hokkaido is now able to provide load power to the affected areas of Honshu. Interesting to find out how they managed that.

  2. Muravej says:

    Yes, I made a mistake, Ben. It was Fukushima (I corrected the line in my post). So far, the contaminated foods seem to be under control.

    Blackouts could happen once in a while but not so often till the summer comes. When summer comes, it will be horrible. There would be no additional power supply this summer.
    Five steam power plants have been additionally stopped, and all makes the energy shortage.

    I did not know the electricity can be transferred to Honshu. But since th trains run between Hokkaido and Honshu, there should be some power cables between them.

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