She is the Dog Whisperer

In the morning on the way to my office, I took a picture of cherry blossoms  almost ending.  New green leaves appear to tell summer is coming closer.

Yes, the temperature went up to 25 C today.  I could have gone with a T-shirt.

Katya was asked to come to her Ukrainian friend’s house in Shimosuwa.  The friend bought a Belgium Shepherd, the first doggy friend in her life.  It is still a baby boy and very active.

He seems friendly, but she does not know how to treat him.  So Katya went to help her.

I came back alone for lunch to find Maya-san having had a small party.  She looked a bit embarrassed, so I did not scold her.

Since Katya was out, I took Maya-san out for an evening walk and gave her dinner after work.  Then, I went to Ogino by bike to buy ingredients of chili con carne for dinner.

It looked OK from outside.

It looked completely normal inside, too.

Vegetables, dairy products, bottled water, meat and fish … everything looked the same as before.  Prices were not too high, either.

I made the dish.  It was successful.

When Katya came back, Maya-san sniffed her around noticing the smell of the dog.  She was puzzled.

Katya told me that the dog was very clever.  Probably, she will help her friend sometimes again.

Katya said that pollen was much less in Shimosuwa.  She started sneezing at home.

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