Night Tennis on Sunday (as usual)

Today, pollen was flowing all around Kofu.

In the morning, Katya and I watched “Dog Whisperer” over breakfast.  We think that Ceser Millan sometimes simply makes Jack a dull dog, but this morning, I found that there are many things I can learn from him.

In the afternoon, Katya and I went to buy a new washing machine; an ex-student of mine gave me a washing machine nearly 20 years ago, which has been still working.  Recently,  the spin-drying does not working well, so we decided to buy one.

We chose a SANYO.  I am sorry for the company, which was producing good products but was integrated into Panasonic.  I think we chose a good product today.

After the purchase, we were checking computers.  We found iPad attractive and wondered how Russian applications work.  We went back home then.

Katya’s allergy was worse than mine today.  So, Katya decided to stay home, and I drove out to do some chores.  First, I went to Starbucks to change points we kept  into complimentary beans (I chose Italian Roast).

I went to Super Autobacs to have three wipers of Smart changed, to Kojima to buy a converter for a digital broadcast of TV, and to SunDrug for an anti-pollen spray for us.

While I was out, Katya gave Maya-san a walk.

I came back home, and we went out for evening tennis.

Katya was a little tired because of the allergy, but she hit hard and gave me good shots.

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