Morning walk with Maya-san

A week ago, I rent “It’s Complicated” (basically for Katya) and “Inglorious Basterds“(only for me) a week ago.

We saw It’s Complicated the day before yesterday, and I saw a part of Inglorious Basterds last night till I was not able to keep myself awake.  Although I got sleepy, I liked the movie very much.  It was not as impressive as my best movie, “Kill Bill“, but I felt Tarantino’s love for movies.  I will rent it again.

In the morning, unfortunately, I had to return them till 10 AM to TSUTAYA in order not to pay the penalty of renting longer.

I took Maya-san with me in a car.  After returning the DVDs, we had a good walk.  I wish I had brought a camera with me.  It was a narrow neat park by the Arakawa river we walked together in.

Maya-san said hello to a small male dog.  Maya-san is a fighter, and it is not common to exchange greetings with other dogs.  I felt happy a little.

After coming back home, I went to school by bike.

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