First day of tennis school

We wanted to practice tennis at a tennis school. We once tried EST tennis school, which Katya did not like.

This evening, we tried GTK tennis school in Kofu.  It is sort of a virtual school; they do not have their own tennis courts but use public tennis courts around Kofu for lessons.  Today, the class was held in Midorigaoka Sports Park.

Lesson started at 7:30 PM.  Katya had taught an English class till 7 PM, so she dashed to my office to pick me up.  We managed to join the lesson exactly at 7:30 PM.

There were only 6 students including Katya and me; 4 girls, one boy, and a man (me).  One teacher taught us.

The lesson went step by step, although we constantly ran and hit balls.  We practiced forehand and backhand strokes, a basic of volley, and serves.

Both of us liked the lesson and decided to continue practicing in this school.

After the lesson, we came back home, and I made crab spaghetti.  Maya-san had a tiny bit of share, and she loved the taste of it.  She came by my side and kept tapping me on my lap for some more treat.

Maya-san had tiny nano parts of my pasta.

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