Doggy Park in Kawaguchiko town

Katya is taking care of roses this year, too.  She made an ornament.

In the afternoon, we went to “Doggy Park” in Kawaguchiko town.  It is a place for dogs and dog lovers at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

We had lunch first at Sylvans by the park.

They have a back yard terrace where we can eat with dogs.

The temperature was about 20 C.  Very comfortable.

They had their original beers.  Katya ordered a glass, but she did not like it and I took it instead.

Maya-san was waiting under the table.

Then we went into the park.

There is even a place for rent-a-dog.

We first went to the largest dog run, to find out that the All Japan Pug meeting occupied the place.

Maya-san likes the place, so it was a pity. We went to another smaller dog runs.

After Maya-san had an operation, we had not let her run or walk alone without a leash for more than one year.  Today, Maya-san walked and ran as she wanted.

Small pleasure for all of us.

There was a small athletic field for kids.  In an area, one walks in the air using ropes.  Katya did well.

I tried and I could not do well and felt a little bad because of the beer.

Maya-san was digging a hole by us.

The park is in the woods and pleasant.  We had a walk.

It was a peaceful day.

Then Katya drove us back home.  I slept in the car.

In the evening from 7 to 9 PM, we played tennis.

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2 Responses to Doggy Park in Kawaguchiko town

  1. AdelaideBen says:

    Nice one… but why do I suspect there were photos that were intentionally left out from your sequence of 3 on the equipment. We got to see how Katya ended, but we don’t know about your own exploits. Censorship! Looks like a great place, and interesting that you can even hire dogs at the dog park. A nice place for the pups to play.

  2. Muravej says:

    Katya sent me nine pictures of me, and I chose the best ones, because I am Editorial Chief. All I can tell is that I was drunk.
    Doggy Park is a good place, although the entrance fee, 1500 yen for a person and 500 yen for a dog, is too expensive. We became members for the reduction. Rent-a-dog system seemed fun at first, but we quit it because it can be somewhat sad for them.

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