Maya-san’s four walks

Today, Katya went to the Russian Embassy in Tokyo to renew her passport.

Before taking the train to Tokyo, she took Maya-san out.

I came back home for lunch and took Maya-san out again.

In the afternoon, Katya sent me an e-mail saying she felt good and cheerful in Tokyo.

I like Tokyo, too.  More precisely, I love big cities; the bigger the better.

“So Tokyo is better than Kofu, isn’t it?”, I sent back.

“They both have their own charms.”, Katya replied.

Especially after the earthquake, Katya started saying that Kofu is not such a terrible place.  I do not think Kofu is terrible or horrible, but it is boring.  Well, if Katya likes where she lives, why do I have to complain?

At 5 PM, I came back home and took Maya-san out for 40 min.  After the walk, I gave her dinner.  Then I went back to the office.

Katya came back home before 7 PM from Tokyo.  I arrived home from school at 8 PM.

After dinner, we took Maya-san out together at 9 PM for a reward for having kept our apartment.

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Hello! I am a scientist running apartments in Tokyo and Yokohama. If you are willing to live in Japan, please get in touch.
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4 Responses to Maya-san’s four walks

  1. Jessica says:

    Elle a de la chance Maya-san de se promener autant! Elle a du bien dormir après ça….

  2. Muravej says:

    Elle s’est promnee, elle a beaucoup mange, et elle a bien dormi.
    A propos, Jessica, probablement, j’irai a Poitiers en semtembre avec deux etudients.

  3. takenoko says:

    Oh c’est chouette, Poitiers et sa region sont tres bien! Avez-vous entendu parle du Futuroscope? C’est un parc avec des dizaine de cinemas de toutes tailles! Je suis sur que vous aimerez. J’attends de vour les photos de votre voyage!

  4. Muravej says:

    Je suis allle a Poitiers deux fois, et Je ne savais pas le Futuroscope; ca me sent interessant. Puisque je vais y aller pour amener les etudients a l’universte de Poitiers, Je vais rester seulement pour trois jours. Donc, je ne pense pas qu’il ait de temps. Cependent, le voyage pour la france, c’est un plaisir toujours!

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