Night Walk in Rain Coat

It rains a lot these days as if the rainy season had already come.

Maya-san hates cold weather and rain.

This evening, it was raining.  Before the night walk, Maya-san was had to wear a rain coat.  Maya-san does not hesitate to wear it, but she expects what will happen.

As soon as she is out, Maya-san insists on going back home.

She never moves.

So Katya carries Maya-san in her arms.

After Katya takes Maya-san for 10 mininutes, Katya puts Maya-san on the ground.

Maya-san walks home.

This is our night walk in the rain.

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2 Responses to Night Walk in Rain Coat

  1. AdelaideBen says:

    Hmmm – who’s taking who for a walk? Keep as dry as you can. I’m guessing the typhoon that went through recently mostly ran out of steam by the time it got to Kofu?… other than the rain and a bit of wind.

  2. Muravej says:

    When Katya takes Maya-san out in the rain, Katya holds Maya-san first and has her walk later. When I take Maya-san for a walk, I just drag her without seeing her and she follows: Caesar Millan way. About the weather, you may be right; it is not that humid in Kofu.

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