Jingisukan BBQ Party

An ex-PhD student of mine from Hokkaido was graduated from the university last March.  Fortunately, he found the job before the earthquake struck.

His enrollment to the company was very fortunately not canceled.  And more (or the most) fortunately, he earns 70% of his salary without working for the company, because it was the company that asked him to wait for the recovery of the factories from the damage by the earthquake; beauty of a traditional Japanese company management.

Anyway the ex-students, presently staying with his parents in Hokkaido, sent us 10 kg of meat for Jingisukan (check AdelaideBen’s site, whose post is more precise and practical about Jingisukan than the article in Wikipedia).

So four professors and eight students  had an out-door party in the garden of the institute.

He sent us Matsuo Jingisukan meat.  I had no idea, but a student told me that it is a very popular brand in Hokkaido.

We had them all!

I became full and drank.  I brought some meat for Katya (Katya deserves because she was teaching English to the student).

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2 Responses to Jingisukan BBQ Party

  1. AdelaideBen says:

    Hmmm – looks nice, and T-chan said that that was an oiishi brand as well. Even in the morning, piccies of Jingisukan can make me hungry (not that I’d seriously think about Jingisukan for breakfast). Thanks for the compliment by the way… and I hope Katya could enjoy (and that her cold is getting better).

  2. Muravej says:

    The meat was very good with a good sauce. Katya liked it, although she normally does not prefer lamb meat.
    She is recovered from the cold. We played tennis last evening.
    I sent a Thank-You postcard to my ex-student.
    Your article is a very good one, possibly the best Jingisukan article in English.

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