Fujimi Panorama Resort Area in Mount Nyukasa

I am a Starbucks stock holder.  The company gives me two complimentary drink tickets per year.

In the morning, we went to Starbucks for breakfast.  I had ordered a booklet of Tanka, a form of Japanese poem, written by a French poet, and it arrived yesterday.  I started reading it.

It was more interesting than I expected.  I will read through and will write about it.

It was a hot day again.  We drove to Fujimi Panorama Resort Aria in Mt. Nyukasa in Nagano prefecture.

From the foot of the mountain, we took a gondola.

The gondolas are used for skiers during winter.  It ran very fast up near to the summit in 8 minutes.

The altitude is 1900 m above the sea level.  Sweet breathe of wind.

The season was too early for wild flowers.

Maya-san simply started digging a hole as a daily job.

We walked around. Maya-san’s leg is getting better, so she enjoyed a short walk, too.

The name of the place, “Fujimi“, means “Viewpoint of Mt. Fuji”.  We took a glance of it far away.

Then we took the gondola back.

During summer, the ski slope is open for mountain bikers.  They bring bikes up with gondolas and ride bikes down.  We saw them riding down from the windows of a gondola.

At 3 PM, we took a late lunch.

The parking lots were full of cars from all over Japan.

We saw bikers everywhere.

It will be nicer in July and August with a lot of wild mountain flowers.

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