How to save money at a sushi restaurant

Katya and I are regular customers of a sushi chain-restaurant by Kofu, “Nigiri no Tokube“, with a rotational belt for sushi plates, not very expensive, but not too much “automated”.

"Tokube", Shikishima

At the restaurant, Thursday’s a tuna day (tuna is our favorite as of everybody), and all tuna plates are cheap.  Plus, on the 19th, they give customers a 19% discount coupon, which is valid within a month.  Today is Thursday the 19th, so why not go?

Sushi and Sashimi

Everybody knows sushi, so instead of sharing our pleasure this evening, I give you tips to save money.

When the payment came, the price  was  4,084 yen.  I showed an internet coupon printed out at home.  That gave us 10% discount.

Printed 10% discount coupon

Then I used free restaurant tickets delivered to stockholders of the company.  I used three 1000-yen tickets.

Free tickets delivered to stockholders

I am not a stockholder, so I actually purchased them at Yahoo auction.  The price was 15,000 yen for 20,000-yen worth tickets.

Even for the rest of some 600 yen, I did not use cash.  I used an “Edy card”, a major prepaid card in Japan.  For deposit to my ANA Edy card, the money is withdrawn from my Delta card.  Each 100-yen withdrawal allows me 1 mile for Delta flights.  For the Edy card, every 200-yen purchase produces 1 mile for ANA flights.

ANA Edy card and Delta Citi card

I have an ATOM card, or the company point card.  They put points on my card, too.  1 point = ca. 1 yen (it depends on how many points you keep).

ATOM card

Therefore, for the charge of  4,084 yen, I practically paid  ca. 2,870 yen.   I earned 6 miles for Delta, 3 miles for ANA, and 6 ATOM points.

19% discount coupon

The 19% discount coupon will be used next time.  But most of all, we enjoyed good sushi, especially a good quality of tuna.

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