Just a small tip about Famima T-Card, if you are a point collector

You could easily get a Famima T-card at Family Mart, a convenience store. No annual fees are needed for this credit card.

Gusto only accepts cash, but with showing the Famima T-card, they put T-points on it. T-points can also be obtained at TSUTAYA, a rental CD/DVD shop.  At some gas stations, T-points are given, too, even you pay with cash.  Or, you can use a credit card for the payment to get points or miles on the card, and T-points as well by showing your Famima T-card.  T-points can be converted to ANA miles, and this is why I am collecting T-points.

The largest advantage of this card might be that when you pay for public-supplied water and some taxes (automobile tax, for example), you can use this Famima T-card and get T-points.  With other credit cards, I believe it is impossible to get points or miles by paying taxes.

Thank you for reading this article and sorry if you wasted your time.

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