Kumamoto for my friend’s wedding

My ex-colleague living in Kumamoto is getting married. Katya was not invited to the wedding; it is common in Japan. Katya was a little upset, but I could do nothing about it.

Katya took me to Kofu Station with Maya-san. I left Kofu by train.

From Hamanatsu-cho in Tokyo, I took a monorail to Haneda Airport.

In the airplane, my seat was assigned by the wing.  It was rainy; in the plane, we were told that the plane might not arrive in Kumamoto because of the weather.

In the plane, the sky naturally looked clear.

The plane was fairly clouded, but I was able to use two seats.

The plane was of JAL, but I did not find the service very odd as I felt in the plane back from France; they did not provide us with foods or alcoholic beverages, anyway, though.

From the airport, I took a but to the hotel. It took an hour.

The hotel I stayed in was Toyoko Inn Kumamoto station.

The room was a simple one-bed room. I can go with it.

I went out to have a bowl of Ramen and a glass of Shochu at a restaurant near the station.

The soup was prepared using pig bones, a Kyushu style.

Then I went back to the hotel.

My room is located on the 13th floor. I had a good view of the city.

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Hello! I am a scientist running apartments in Tokyo and Yokohama. If you are willing to live in Japan, please get in touch.
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