Business Trip to Tokyo and a Fuel Cell Vehicle Ride

I woke up at 4:10 AM in the morning.

Today, I have one meeting in the morning, and the other two in the afternoon, all in Tokyo. The first one would start at 9:00 AM in Funabori, close to Chiba.

Unfortunately, there is no express train in the early morning from Kofu to Tokyo, so I decided to take a bus.

I first went to my office and headed for Kofu station. The bus left at 5:30 AM.

Gee, we were again caught in a traffic jam! I arrived at the conference site at 9:30 AM.

I was at the conference hall to see everything went fine; if something happened, I would  look after it.

Then I moved to Takaido, where I met my colleagues. We had a meeting in Takaido with some company people.

At the meeting place, they kept a fuel cell vehicle.

For the next meeting, they took us with the car! It was my first ride on a fuel cell car.

I felt a large torque. It was not very silent because the tires made a noise on the highway, anyway, besides that Honda added some artificial noise for the safety for the passangers.

It was a 10-min ride. I felt much longer. We arrived at Tameike.

The last meeting ended at 5 PM.

I moved to Shinjuku Washington Hotel to stay one night.

Mine was a small single room.

I took a nap till 9 PM.

Then I had late dinner at Manhattan Table  on the 25th floor. I was directed to a seat by the window. The view was good, but the lights on the windows seemed still less than those before the earthquake.

I had spaghetti and a glass of wine.

The quality of the food and wine was good for the price.

Katya has not been in this restaurant for dinner. I will take her once.

About Muravej

Hello! I am a scientist running apartments in Tokyo and Yokohama. If you are willing to live in Japan, please get in touch.
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