I found Chanmery – Sweet and Sparkling

I went into a Seven-Eleven near my apartment to fetch some sweets. Then I found it: Chanmery.

I have not thought of it for a long while. I was surprised to know that it is still produced.

When we were kids, we called it “Champagne”, which we had on festivals, especially on Christmas. It was a very special drink.

It is a drink with a long history. Right after WWII, a drink provider in Tokyo created “Soft Champagne” inspired by Champagne American soldiers were drinking. In 1966, French Embassy asked Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan not to use the term Champagne. In 1973, “Japan Soft Champagne Association” changed the name to “Chanmery”.

So, Chamery is a Japanese drink produced by Chanmery companies.

Chanmery was fun not when we drank it but when we opened up the rubber top. It made a sound “Pop”, and the top flew to everywhere. It created some unique atmosphere.

We will drink chanmery tomorrow.

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