Emperor’s Birthday

Today is the 78th birthday of Japanese Emperor, a holiday. Although I am against Emperor system, I admit that he is intelligent and thoughtful.

He was suffered from mycoplasma pneumonia this year, and still seems to be weak.  Emperor is at my father’s age and Queen, at my mother’s. Hope he will be fine soon.

In the late morning, we had brunch at Gusto. I had chicken cutlets and Katya, Caesar salad and a piece of pizza.

In the afternoon, we were relaxed at home.  I took Maya-san out for a walk.

Then we played tennis for one and a half hour at Yamanashi Prefectural Youth Center.

Then we went again to “Dohshinboh“, a Chinese restaurant. We became fans of it last week we had dinner there.




The former genuine Chinese restaurant withdrew from business. This evening, only two tables were taken even during the dinner time. In the restaurant, the taste is good and the price is low. We decided to come often to be of help to the restaurant, or to enjoy the meals till they stay here.

We wish this restaurant goes well.

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