First snow, Smart gone, Dohshinboh worriness

We had the first noticeable snow this winter in Kofu, 2-mm thick.


In the afternoon, we took Smart to Yanase Kofu. C class they let us use did not blow warm air, so we returned to Yanase to have it fixed.

On the way back home, we dropped by Dohshinboh, our favorite Chinese restaurant close to it.

This restaurant started in December last year. We are trying to help them by visiting and eating. However, unfortunately, there were only two of us this evening.

Foods were good as usual.



Katya and I were talking about what is wrong with this restaurant. The location could be one of the reasons.

Katya said, after the dinner in C class, that she worried about the restaurant and felt sorry, which almost ruined her dinner.

Anyway, we will visit and help this good Chinese restaurant.

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