First ski in 2012 in Sun Meadows, Yamanashi

In the morning, I went to TSUTAYA to have the DVD back.  Then, Maya-san and I went for a walk by Arakawa river as we did last week.

It was warm. Maya-san found a mole hole and started to dig it deeper.

She dared not leave the hole, so I carried her up to take her back to the car.

After breakfast, Katya, Maya-san, and I went up the mountain to Sun Meadows in Kiyosato area for the first ski in this season.


It was a bit cloudy but not extremely cold.

Katya and I took a lift, “Flower Lift”, to up the hill. Since this was the first ski this season, we chose the least steep slope.


Katya seemed uneasy first, but she quickly caught up her skills.

Katya drove all us back. On the way home, I called mom and dad, who have just started their 16-day journey celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Katya and I bought a stay in a suite in Tokyo for the beginning of their journey.

Mom and dad just arrived at the hotel. They said that the hotel is gorgeous and that the staffs are friendly. They were tired after the long transportation from Shimosuwa and were going to take a rest. We hoped that they will enjoy their stay.

On the way back from the mountain, Katya and I saw deer. Maya-san did not see them but smelled them. She looked around and tried to find them very hard (but unfortunately she couldn’t).

Katya and I got hungry. We went to Yumura Hotel for a buffet. We arrived at 6 PM just, but the restaurant was not open yet.

We impatiently waited for 5 min, when the restaurant opened.

Katya and I kept eating.

ume wine


Meat and fish fries

Main dishes: Fish, Chicken, Port

Curry and Stew

Seasoned rice and soup

Rice in seasoned soup

own-made dessert


I had discount tickets for 2,500 yen, which I used.

When we came back home, Maya-san was deep in sleep. She did not have a nap today and became very tired.

I called to my parents to find out that they enjoyed the Chinese dinner.

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