Another Sunday

I did not sleep well for two days, so I slept till 9:30 AM.

Maya-san and I had a walk, then Katya and I went to Gusto for brunch.


I like eating and reading a newspaper, which I do not feel impolite because fortunately, Katya likes to eat and read a book during breakfast.

Then everyone went to Lake Inagako. Only the skin of the lake was frozen.


It was not very cold walking around the lake. Maya-san smelled something under the ground, which made her dig a hole.

We need to leave the hole, anyway, and this is only when Maya-san loosing herself growls and barks at us, who needs to accomplish her work how time consuming it may be.

Then we simply take her up and bring her in our arms. Maya-san simply and quickly realizes that her enthusiasm must be stopped.

It was the same today.

On the way back, Katya and I went to “Pet Field“, a pet shop. She showed me her favorite frogs. It was  imported and very colorful, but I was not interested because he did not move very much. I liked lizards that moved rapidly.

As soon as we arrived home, Katya had Maya-san take a shower.

Then, we went to Tokube for an early dinner. It is a Tokube Day today.

Yellowtails were very good  again.

I felt sleepy had had a nap, while Katya made a phone call to her mother.

In the evening, we saw a DVD of a funny show, “Never laugh in this newspaper company”.


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