Doshinboh, Gusto, Robber, Stepford Wives

It was still rainy in the afternoon.

Katya and I went to Doshinboh for a Saturday lunch. In front of the restaurant outside in the parking area, an advertising board was renewed.  Menus were changed, and the prices became cheaper.

I was a bit worried because this may mean the restaurant is not going well. All combos have become cheaper by 10%.



Foods were good, but there were only two couples in the restaurant. One of the two waitresses seemed to be left. I wish the best to Doshinboh.

We went to Gusto for dinner.


When we came back home, we found a robbery!

Maya-san the burgler put her nose into Katya’s shoulder bag, found a pack of vitamin-C candies, and had them all!!

We knew that Maya-san was angry being left alone, but the robbery must not be easily forgiven; she was put in her bed to stay there for a couple of hours.

Katya and I started seeing “The Stepford Wives (remake, 2004)”.

It was a silly movie not worth seeing.

Katya stopped watching. I started writing this blog while the TV was on.

After the movie, I took Maya-san out for her daily night walk. Maya-san was finally forgiven.

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